High Protein Snacking

Best-selling protein bars, shakes and energy drinks

  • 20 grams Protein
  • Low Sugar
  • Low in Carbs
  • Founded in 2010
Grenade is the UK’s No.1 best-selling protein bar brand, with a wide range of high protein, low sugar products in delicious flavours. Never compromising on taste, the Grenade range offers the best quality products for anybody looking for a healthier alternative to their regular snack.
Over 13 Flavours Available
Category Leading Brand
Guilt-free indulgence
High Brand Awareness
Great for Workout Fuel Better for You Alternative Great Indulgent Treat

Key reasons to stock Grenade...

  • Functionality: A multi-award-winning product range that's growing the sports nutrition category through flavour and performance-boosting protein content
  • Mainstream Appeal: The number one best-selling protein bar brand in the UK, now attracting new shoppers with confectionery-protein combination flavours
  • Versatile Snack: Taste is the number one driver. A perfect healthier alternative to everyday chocolate bars - high in protein, low in sugar, big on flavour

Grenade’s first product was so effective, that a friend of the founders described it as explosive, “like a grenade”. This product became Thermo Detonator® and the brand name, Grenade, was born. Today, Grenade® is available in over 80 countries. A multi-award-winning product range with over 13 flavours of protein bars, from the best-selling indulgent Salted Caramel to the decadent White Chocolate Salted Peanut, Grenade has a flavour for everybody’s taste. Grenade’s range of high protein, low sugar protein bars and shakes never compromise on taste. The range offers the best, most popular flavours in the market whilst maintaining 20g+ of protein and all low sugar.

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