London’s favourite coffee, cooled, canned, and ready to drink.

Speciality Grade Coffee, Barista Quality Milk

  • Café-Quality Experience at Home
  • Community-Driven Impact
  • Diverse Flavour Profiles
  • Founder of The Better Coffee Foundation
Grind offers a refreshing twist to speciality-grade coffee, crafting ethically sourced, cold-brewed, and barista-quality drinks in fully recyclable packaging, embodying great taste with a purpose.
Barista-Quality Experience On-the-Go
Speciality-Grade Cold Brew
Fully Recyclable Packaging
Ethically Sourced & Sustainable
Better for the planet option Great for the Workplace Great Grab and Go Option

Key reasons to stock Grind Coffee...

  • Quality Meets Ethics: Grind ensures that making the right choices doesn't mean compromising on quality, offering ethically sourced and carefully cold-brewed coffee that preserves rich aromas.
  • Environmental Commitment: With a focus on fully recyclable packaging and the recovery of ocean-bound plastic, Grind's commitment to sustainability aligns with conscious consumer choices.
  • Barista-Quality On-the-Go: The iced coffee collection captures Grind's café favourites, providing customers with the convenience of enjoying barista-quality coffee wherever they go.

Fhirst Soda for gut health cooled on ice Fhirst Cherry Vanilla flavour- a great healthy alternative to cherry cola

Grind’s purpose has always been to provide speciality-grade coffee that protects the planet instead of polluting it; that supports growers around the world who are committed to farming fairly; and that tastes really, really (really) good.

Since 2011, Grind has revolutionised coffee consumption, prioritising ethically sourced beans, compostable coffee pods, and speciality blends. In 2023, The Better Coffee Foundation® was established to counteract the global coffee industry's harm, recovering ocean plastic with each Grind product sold.

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