Drinks Made for Kids

100% pure fruit smoothies and delicious milkshakes

  • Milkshakes & FruitĀ Smoothies
  • 1 of Your 5 a Day
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Founded in 2009
Happy Monkey Smoothies are ready to drink straight from the pack and full of natural goodness, their smoothies and milkshakes are full of finely blended fruit, vegetables and milk. You can serve them during breakfast or as evening snacks and are a great addition to every school lunch box
Made for Kids
Essential Nutrients
100% Pure Fruit
Sustainably Sourced
Great for Lunchboxes Better for You Alternative Great for a Meal Deal

Key reasons to stock Happy Monkey...

  • Healthy Kids' Smoothies: Offer nutritious, 100% fruit smoothies for children, meeting the demand for healthier beverage options.
  • Ethical Sourcing: Support a brand committed to ethical sourcing, exemplified by Rainforest Alliance Certified bananas.
  • Proven Success: Partner with a brand that has demonstrated year-on-year sales growth and won numerous awards, ensuring consumer appeal and market competitiveness

Happy Monkey

Happy Monkey, founded in 2009, offers guilt-free, 100% fruit smoothies for kids, providing a full fruit portion with no added sugar, sweeteners, or preservatives. Their Rainforest Alliance Certification ensures eco-friendly sourcing and fair wages for workers in Ecuador.

Happy Monkey actively promotes a healthy lifestyle for children, partnering with organizations like Spartan UK Races and BBC Children In Need. Their award-winning drinks have received consistent recognition, making them a trusted choice for kids' beverages.

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