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  • Authentic Recipes
  • Generous Share Bags
  • Vegan
  • Founded in 2017
Howdah Snacks brings the vibrant flavours of Bombay to life, crafting natural and vegan snacks that tantalise taste buds from wholesome options rich in fibre and protein to indulgent treats inspired by beloved British-Indian dishes, the brand captures the essence of both health-conscious and comfort-seeking snack enthusiasts.
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Key reasons to stock Howdah...

  • Bridging a gap in the market: Howdah Snacks introduces a refreshing perspective by infusing traditional Indian flavours into the UK's snacking landscape, adding diversity and depth to the choices available to consumers seeking culinary adventure
  • Meets diverse consumer needs: by stocking a collection that caters to both health-conscious individuals and those indulging in their cravings. Howdah Snacks offers a variety of options, from nutritious sorghum grain crisps to delectable flatbread bites, satisfying a wide range of snacking preferences
  • Indulgence with Purpose: Each Howdah Snack purchase contributes to a good cause - providing a school meal to a child in need

Howdah Snacks, founded in 2019 by Falu Shah and Akash Shah, brings the rich and vibrant flavours of Bombay to snack enthusiasts worldwide. Headquartered in Lymm, Cheshire, the brand is dedicated to crafting adventurous, natural, and 100% vegan snacks that go beyond just satisfying cravings. Inspired by the lack of diverse Indian-inspired snack options, Howdah Snacks emerged with a mission to redefine the snacking experience in the UK. With a commitment to sustainability, the brand sources its ingredients responsibly, ensuring a positive impact on both consumers and the planet.

In the heart of every Howdah Snack lies a narrative of inclusion and compassion. With a focus on giving back to the community, the brand has set a remarkable standard by providing a free school meal for every bag sold. This impactful initiative reflects their dedication to creating positive change, one snack at a time. The founders' vision extends beyond taste, aiming to diversify the snacking category while fostering a sense of social responsibility. Howdah Snacks encapsulates the essence of culinary exploration and ethical consumerism, offering a range of products that are as delightful for the palate as they are for the heart.

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