Flavoured Kombucha

A delicious and refreshing living beverage

  • All Natural
  • Millions of Live Cultures
  • Plastic Free Brand
  • Founded in 2018
Lo Bros Kombucha is a delicious and refreshing healthy soft drink, that is naturally low in sugar. made in the authentic way. All natural. Slow brewed. Every single refreshing mouthful of your tasty Lo Bros Kombucha contains millions of beneficial living cultures, all waiting to get busy making your gut sing.
4 Refreshing Flavours
UK's 1st Cola Kombucha
Donate Seven Clean Seas Foundation
High Repeat Rate of Sale
Great for Gut Health Great for a Meal Deal Better for You Alternative

Key reasons to stock Lo Bros...

  • Low in Sugar: Lo Bros Kombucha offers a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks as it is naturally low in sugar and just 6 calories per can. Customers can enjoy a delicious and refreshing beverage without excessive sugar intake.
  • Always Natural: The brand prides itself on using all-natural ingredients to create their kombucha, providing customers with a better-for-you beverage option compared to other drinks on the market that may contain artificial additives or flavors.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Lo Bros Kombucha is committed to positive change and sustainability. Each purchase of Lo Bros contributes to the removal of two plastic bottles from our oceans, allowing customers to make a conscious choice that benefits the planet.

Lo Bros Kombucha stands for Doin' Good. Their mission goes beyond creating delicious drinks. They aim to transform the drinks industry by redirecting energy as a force for good. They replace sugars with living goodness through the ancient process of fermentation. Their drinks are made from all-natural ingredients, providing a tasty and better-for-you alternative. They also contribute to positive change by helping the well-being of the planet, demonstrated by the removal of plastic bottles from our oceans.

Lo Bros Kombucha's future plans involve continuing their commitment to authentic fermentation, crafting delicious, healthier, and all-natural drinks with vibrant flavours that are naturally low in sugar and rich in living cultures. They aim to stand against the harmful practices of the drinks industry and contribute to positive change while delivering a delightful and refreshing beverage experience.

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