Vegan Tortilla Chips

Crave-worthy tortilla chips

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • 40g & 135g Formats
  • Founded in 2015
Mister Free'd makes gluten-free, vegan tortilla chips using natural ingredients. Mister Free’d are on a mission to free snack lovers from GMOs and food additives by offering gluten-free, vegan tortilla chips from carefully selected natural ingredients that are both healthy and tasty. Delicious, fun, convenient snacks that are honest, healthy, all flavours are bold and natural-tasting.
Clean, Simple Ingredients
Bold Flavour Profiles
B Corp Certified
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Big Night In Better for You

Key reasons to stock Mister Free'd...

  • Wide Appeal: Accessible to people with food allergies, food sensitivities, and other dietary needs. A healthy alternative to regular tortilla chips without sacrificing flavour or texture
  • Bold Shelf Presence: Mister Free’d packaging is colourful and eye-catching which makes it stand out on the shelf
  • Better for the Planet: A cleaner range of tortillas for the consumer and the planet.

Gently roasted, vegan, gluten-free, protein-rich and packed with superfoods, Mister Free’d tortilla chips come in 7 delicious flavours that are both satisfying and nutritious. Co-founder of Mister Free’d, David, is a coeliac and lactose intolerant and knows how difficult it is to find tasty snacks that also meet his dietary requirements.

David’s personal challenges inspired the Mister Free’d brand to create tortilla chips that are accessible to people with similar problems, including those with food allergies, food sensitivities, and other dietary needs. Their clean ingredients list with no harmful additives means snack lovers can enjoy Mister Free’d tortilla chips knowing they are good for them and the planet too.

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