Pressed Fruit & Nut Bars

Raw cold pressed, no added sugars, snacks

  • Fruit & Nut Bars
  • Gluten & Wheat Free
  • 100% Natural
  • Founded in 2005
Nakd aims to pioneer the snacking category, not only through its strong health credentials, with 100% natural ingredients, no added sugar, and being raw, cold-pressed, but also by creating snacks with unique, extraordinary flavours, that deliver jaw-dropping tastiness.
17 Flavours in Range
HFSS Compliant
Plant-Based Protein
Indulgent Big Bars Available
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Meal Deal Great for Lunchboxes

Key reasons to stock Nakd...

  • Clean Ingredients: Made through minimal processing so that consumers can enjoy truly healthy snacking
  • Protein Opportunities: Plant-based protein made with natural ingredients, and no added sugars in 3 yummy flavours
  • Healthier Indulgence: 45g Nakd Big Bars are also available in the two best selling flavours; Blueberry Muffin and Cocoa Orange

Nakd prides itself on having snacks that have 100% natural ingredients, no added sugar, and THAT’S IT! Not only can you list the number of ingredients on one hand, but nākd. bars are also cold-pressed raw bars, with just fruit and nuts, that are made through minimal processing so that consumers can enjoy truly healthy snacking! As if this wasn’t enough, each snack has an unexpected and unique flavour, that is jaw-droppingly tasty, from Lemon Drizzle to Cocoa Orange.

Nakd will always strive to be the number one truly healthy brand within categories, focusing on all natural ingredients and minimal processing, whilst also never compromising on flavour to create simply yummy snacks!

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