Pretzel Thins & Olives

Light, healthier

  • Oven Baked Pretzels
  • Pitted Olives
  • Coated Chocolate Pretzels
  • Founded in 2015
Olly’s are snack creators that are on a mission to feed the planet’s feel good with their range of outrageously delicious snacks. keeping health at the heart of every snack they create and delivering an incomparably delicious taste experience. All snacks are 100% plant powered, created from Mumma nature’s finest ingredients. Purely natural snack-tisfaction.
Light Crisp Alternative
Healthier Indulgence
Lower in Calories
Belgian Chocolate
Better for You Great for a Big Night In Great for Lunchboxes

Key reasons to stock Olly's...

  • Better for You: 75 calories per olive pouch 125 calories per pretzel pack
  • Less Fat and Fewer Calories: The planet’s thinnest pretzels. These light, crispy, thin pretzels are oven-baked and an extraordinary healthy alternative to crisps.
  • Fighting Against Poverty: With our charity partner, ONE FEEDS TWO, we provide as many school meals as possible to children in need around the world.

Olly's are a multi-snacktastic brand offering best in class taste sensations such as the finest Greek Halkidiki olives, dressed to impress in mouth-watering marinades that are packed in hassle free snack pouches, contain no stones, no messy oils and have no need to be kept in the fridge. For only 75 calories per vegan friendly pouch, you can’t go wrong!

The success of the olives led Olly's to introduce nuts, pretzel thins and chocolate pretzel thins to their range that have since gone on to become Olly’s most popular snack around the world. With less fat and fewer calories than the standard crisp. These oven-baked delights are light & crispy and are all vegan too. At only 125 calories per pack (at most!) are a deliciously healthy and filling snack.

Finally, the chocolate coated pretzel thins are ultimate sweet & salty combo. Olly's oven-baked and lightly salted pretzel thins are gloriously coated in 100% Belgian chocolate

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