Air Popped Potato Crisps

50% less fat than regular crisps

  • Baked, Never Fried
  • Lower in Calories
  • Gluten Free
  • Founded in 2016
Popchips have revolutionised snacking with their naturally delicious popped chips. By bypassing frying and baking, they created a lighter, more potato-y chip experience that's bursting with flavour and contains half the fat. Say goodbye to deep-fried chips and embrace the pop!
5 Flavours Available
Sharing & Impulse Formats
Established Brand in Category
Great for a Big Night In Great for a Meal Deal Great with Alcohol

Key reasons to stock Popchips...

  • Health-Conscious Audience: With increasing consumer awareness of health and nutrition, stocking Popchips allows retailers to attract health-conscious customers actively seeking better-for-you snack options, contributing to customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Snacking Freedom: Popchips embrace the idea of guilt-free snacking. Their light, non-fried texture allows consumers to indulge in multiple handfuls without the heavy feeling often associated with traditional chips.
  • Appealing Packaging: Popchips come in eye-catching, contemporary packaging that stands out on store shelves, drawing in potential customers with its modern design.

Popchips are all about creating a chip that's lighter and more potato-y, infusing them with high oleic oils and their favourite spices and seasonings. It results in chips with all the flavour and half the fat, providing a guilt-free snacking experience. With more flavour, more chips, and fewer calories and fat compared to traditional brands, Popchips are a tasty, sensible choice for snack enthusiasts.

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