Sun-baked Plantain Chips

Just pure love and plantains. Plus a dash of flavour

  • 100% Natural
  • Lightly Seasoned
  • No Palm Oil
  • Founded in 2019
Saving people from deadly boring snacks. Purely Plantain Chips are determined to spread the love for the awesome power of the plantain. Purely Plantain is a passionate brand on a mission to revolutionise snacks, sourcing the finest Ecuadorian plantains to create delicious, gluten-free, and sustainable plantain chips.
3 Flavours Available
HFSS Compliant
Sustainably Sourced
Street Food Inspired
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Meal Deal Better for You

Key reasons to stock Purely Plantain...

  • Purely Natural: Purely's plantain chips are 100% natural, catering to the demand for clean, wholesome snacks without gluten, wheat, sugar, additives, dairy, palm oil, or trans fats.
  • Socially Responsible: By sourcing plantains locally in Ecuador, Purely makes a positive impact on the community and fosters sustainability, aligning with conscious consumer values.
  • Globally Inspired Snacking: Purely infuse their crisps with flavours inspired by their Ecuadorian adventures, offering a distinctive addition to snack selections that transcend ordinary snacking.

Plantain is a versatile street food snack around the world, cooked like a vegetable, plantain is packed full of nutritional goodness, including antioxidants, magnesium, fibre and more.

Purely Plantain was conceived by the dynamic duo Stefania Pellegrino and Mark O’Sullivan. Their love for the vibrant region of Ecuador forever transformed their perception of snacks, rich in culture and plantain treasure, their delicious plantain experience ignited their mission to introduce this culinary gem to the world. In search of genuine flavours and authentic experiences, Purely's secret recipe materialized, devoid of chemicals and palm oil. This essence of natural goodness is packed into every plantain crisp, delivering guilt-free indulgence and wholesome satisfaction.

Purely's commitment extends beyond taste; it reverberates through their social responsibility. Partnering with local farmers in Portoviejo, Ecuador, they ensure sustainability and community support. By sourcing plantains locally, they contribute to the region's economy, creating an ethical connection between the snack and its origins. Purely's plantain crisps are a testament to their passion for quality, naturalness, and the incredible power of plantains, delivering a one-of-a-kind snacking experience that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also embodies a deeper connection to the world's diverse flavours and cultures

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