Pub Inspired Gourmet Snacks

It's time to get serious about these savoury delights

  • Outdoor Reared British Pork
  • Lightly Seasoned
  • Long Ambient Shelf Life
  • Founded in 2009
Serious Pig was born from a passion for pub snacks with a focus on premium quality and serious flavour elevating life's memorable moments.
Premium Quality
Sustainable Ingredients
Big on Flavour
Perfect to Pair with Craft Drink
Great with Alcohol Great for a Big Night In Great for Food to Go

Key reasons to stock Serious Pig...

  • Sustainable Sourcing: Ingredients like Italian cheese and high-altitude corn are sourced sustainably, prioritising environmental responsibility
  • Freedom Food Approved: Emphasizing animal welfare, all farms used by Serious Pig are Freedom Food approved
  • High-Quality British Ingredients: Their range features high welfare RSPCA-approved outdoor-reared British pork and sustainably sourced Italian cheese

Serious Pig's journey began in a local pub when founder George Rice felt that pub snacks needed a flavour upgrade to match the bold tastes of craft beers. This desire for a true taste experience ignited a global quest for the finest ingredients to craft gourmet snacks. Their debut snack, the Snackalami, is made from outdoor-reared British pork in collaboration with Kentish farmers, setting the tone for Serious Pig's mission: to elevate savoury snacking with real taste

Over the last decade, their range has expanded to include an enticing selection of savoury delights, thanks to their community of dedicated producers. From local pubs to global ingredient sourcing, George's passion for exceptional flavour has put Serious Pig on the map, enhancing life's best moments with serious snacks. Their commitment to using high-quality, British ingredients, from high-welfare RSPCA-approved pork to sustainable Italian cheese, ensures that every bite is a taste sensation worth savouring. At Serious Pig, great snacks begin with serious ingredients, and they're here to help foodies everywhere savour every moment

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