Seasoned Seaweed Chips

Better tasting, better for you, better for the planet

  • Seaweed & Quinoa Chips
  • Under 123 Calories
  • High in Iodine & Fibre
  • Founded in 2017
Shore, The Scottish Seaweed Co, began with the rediscovery of a historic superfood on the shores of Wick, North Scotland. Nutrient-dense seaweed, harvested sustainably, provides a delicious umami taste and a health boost packed with minerals, fibre, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, and iodine. Better for you, better for the planet, and better tasting!
4 Naturally Healthy Flavours
Sustainably Sourced Superfood
Fully Recyclable Packaging
Hand-picked Scottish Seaweed
Plant-Based Alternative Better for You Great with Alcohol

Key reasons to stock Shore...

  • Locally Sourced: Shore snacks proudly showcase the unique flavours of Scottish Seaweed, harvested from the rugged shores of Wick in North Scotland, providing your customers with a taste of the region's cool, clean waters in every delightful bite.
  • Unique Plant-Based Snacking: Introduce your customers to innovative, authentic plant-based snacks from Shore, providing an exciting alternative to traditional snack options.
  • Nutrient-Dense Goodness: Shore's snacks are rich in essential nutrients like gut-friendly fibre, iodine, and antioxidants, making them a wholesome and satisfying choice for health-conscious consumers.

Shore Chips represent a tantalizing array of plant-based snacks designed for health-conscious individuals, vegans, and food enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on taste. Shore stands tall on three fundamental principles - better for you, better taste, and better for the planet. Fuelling their mission is a profound passion for making seaweed a leading sustainable food of the future, one that benefits both the planet and local communities. Seaweed's natural flavour enhancement makes Shore chips a truly healthier and tastier snacking option, appealing to the growing consumer demand for better-for-you products without sacrificing flavour.

As the No.1 Selling Better-for-you chips range in the UK, Shore continues to pave the way towards a future of nourishing snacks, leveraging their local sustainably harvested seaweed to create delightful treats that excite taste buds and deliver unique health benefits.

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