Plant-Based Energy Drink

With a triple hit of natural caffeine, vitamin C and electrolytes

  • Purely from Plants
  • Low in Calories
  • 250ml & 330ml Cans
  • Founded in 2016
Tenzing revolutionizes the industry with a plant-based, low-calorie energy drink. Named after Tenzing Norgay, the first man to climb Mount Everest, it draws inspiration from Sherpas' connection to nature. Sourced sustainably, Tenzing is carbon negative, protecting our planet. Fuel your adventures, support the environment, and embrace a healthier, sustainable lifestyle with Tenzing.
100% Natural Ingredients
Carbon Negative Brand
#3 Energy Drink in London
BCAA Flavours Available
Plant-Based Alternative Better for You Great with a Meal Deal

Key reasons to stock Tenzing...

  • Better for You Range: Natural energy drinks that derive their power purely from plants, providing a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks filled with artificial ingredients and excessive sugar.
  • Strong Commitment to Sustainability: By being carbon negative and carbon labelled. Tenzing contributes profits to environmental projects and ensures its employees are carbon neutral, aligning the brand with conscious consumer values.
  • Functional and Fresh: With each can containing just 48 calories, appealing to health-conscious individuals who seek low-calorie beverages without compromising on taste or energy-boosting properties.

Tenzing is an energy drink brand that goes beyond the norm, driven by a passion for nature and a commitment to creating better-for-you products. Born out of the founders' obsession with nature's most powerful plants, Tenzing offers a range of natural energy drinks that stand apart from the competition. With a focus on using only natural ingredients and eliminating sweeteners, Tenzing delivers a refreshing and guilt-free energy boost.

Tenzing's product range is designed to fulfill the need for a healthier, plant-based energy drink. Their unique recipe combines natural caffeine, vitamin C, and electrolytes sourced from botanical ingredients. Inspired by the energy and wisdom of Himalayan climbers, Tenzing captures the essence of pure plant power. With its growing popularity as the 3rd largest functional energy drink in London and 4th largest in the UK, Tenzing continues to lead the way in the natural energy drink market.

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