British Made Savoury Snacks

Curators of flavour, bold taste, functional alternative snacks

  • Bold on Flavour
  • Lower in Calories
  • High Protein
  • Founded in 2017
Supercharged savoury snacking, specialising in high-protein, low-carb, functional snacks. The Curators range includes pork and veggie puffs, award-winning biltong, and nuts that are big on taste and bold on nutrition.
Great with a Beer
Keto Friendly Options
Free From
B Corp Certified
Great with Alcohol Better for You Great for Workout Fuel

Key reasons to stock The Curators...

  • Better for You: Naturally high protein, low calorie, gluten-free, and keto-friendly choice
  • Protein Bar Alternatives: All-new Veggie Puffs are the perfect alternative to sweet protein snacks and deliver a standout crunch. With 10g of protein and only 123 calories per pack they are the perfect snack to fuel an active lifestyle
  • Nutrition Packed: Appealing to growing consumer need for functional snacks, creating tasty and nutritious snacks for on-the-go

Founders Max and Ed started making small-batch craft jerky in 2017 and before long they had added the best South African inspired Biltong imaginable. A love of Latin street food led to Chicarronoes (crunchy pork snacks), and now sensationally seasoned Almonds. The Curators seek out fantastic flavours and intriguing ingredients in the street markets, underground bars, holes- in-the-wall and hidden gems of the places they explore believing in the sociability of great food and the adventures this can take you on. Whether that’s over a pint after a hard week’s work!

The Curators are building a community of intrepid eaters to be proud of, bringing them the best food innovation they can find that leads on flavour and is always under-pinned with high-quality natural ingredients. Providing an alternative solution to the carb-heavy snacking category, being naturally high in protein, gluten free, and lower calorie.

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