Nutritious Bite Sized Protein Balls

Protein bar alternative packed with vitamins, fruits and nuts.

  • Protein Packed
  • Gluten Free
  • No Added Sugar
  • Founded in 2015
The Protein Ball Co, offers an award-winning, all-natural protein snack. Their handmade balls are packed with balanced nutrition, free from added sugar, gluten, and GMOs. Power your day the natural way with The Protein Ball Co.
8 Delicious Flavours
Healthier Indulgence
Balanced Snacking
Vegan Flavours Available
Great for Workout Fuel Better for You Alternative Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock The Protein Ball Co...

  • Nature's Goodness on Your Shelves: Stock our snacks to offer customers the magic of nature with 100% natural ingredients packed into delightful and healthy balls.
  • Handmade Freshness: Customers will love the artisanal touch of handcrafted balls, promising a snacking experience that is not just tasty but also uniquely fresh.
  • Health-Conscious Choice: By offering The Protein Ball Co, you provide health-conscious customers with snacks that are free from artificial nasties, aligning with their wellness goals.

Welcome to The Protein Ball Co, an exceptional snack brand that emerged in 2015, priding themselves on keeping it real and honest. Their nutrionist backed snacks say no to artificial sweeteners and flavourings, ensuring every bite is pure, wholesome goodness. Customers bid farewell to added sugars, as The Protein Ball Co's snacks embrace the sugar-free guilt-free indulgence. Handmade with love in the heart of West Sussex, each protein ball is a labour of passion, delivering unparalleled freshness and flavour.

Join The Protein Ball Co in their adventure to redefine healthy snacking and savour the joy of wholesome flavours, where nature's magic meets artisanal craftsmanship, and every snack is a journey of indulgence and well-being.

Order The Protein Ball Co Wholesale

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