Protein Energy Flapjacks & Bars

Great-tasting natural plant energy to fuel your adventures

  • Plant Based
  • Low in Sugar
  • 100% Natural
  • Founded in 2016
TRIBE was inspired by a 1,000-mile run across Eastern Europe which TRIBE founders ran to fight human trafficking. After learning the importance of high-quality nutrition and seeing the lack of companies addressing that need, Rob Martineau, Tom Stancliffe and Guy Hacking founded TRIBE
Natural Ingredients
Plant-Based Protein
Free From
Donate to Social Causes
Plant-Based Alternative Great for Workout Fuel Great for Breakfast

Key reasons to stock Tribe...

  • Great Tasting Natural Products: Proudly made in the UK using high quality, minimal ingredients
  • Consumers Want Healthier Baskets: Packed with vitamins and minerals. Did you know the average cereal bar contains 30% sugar?
  • True Health Credentials: Tick the indulgent and better for you boxes, with layer of dark chocolate, crunchy granola base, sprinkles and gooey nut butter

TRIBE are a brand on a mission to lead a plant revolution and to end modern slavery. proudly vegan, gluten free, high protein, packed with vitamins and minerals and proudly made in the UK using high quality, minimal ingredients. Most importantly, they're absolutely delicious!

Fighting for freedom remains at the core of everything we do. The products helping tribe to achieve this mission include TRIBE’s Nut Butter Triple Deckers have a crunchy granola base, a thick layer of peanut butter, and are topped with silky smooth vegan chocolate. which is why TRIBE bars are voted the best tasting plant-based protein products in the UK. TRIBE's mission is to lead a plant revolution and end modern slavery. so far tribe has raised over £1 million, allowing them to create a life-changing impact for upwards of 700 human trafficking victims in the UK.

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