High Protein Shakes & Crisps

Convenient on the go, high protein solutions

  • RTD Shakes
  • Popped Soy Crunchers
  • No Added Sugar
  • Founded in 2014
UFIT is high protein ready-to-drink range on a mission to transform on-the-go snacking, offering innovative products that combine market-leading nutrition with exceptional taste.
Leading Brand in Category
Highly Nourishing
Ambient 310ml & 500ml Shakes
Better for You Protein Crisps
Great for Food to Go Great for Workout Fuel Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock UFIT...

  • Market Leader: As the UK's No.1 high protein ready-to-drink brand, stocking UFIT aligns your business with a proven market leader that resonates with health-conscious consumers seeking convenient, protein-packed options
  • Sustainability: UFIT is committed to reducing its environmental impact by using 100% recyclable packaging materials and minimizing the use of virgin plastics, making them a responsible choice for eco-conscious customers
  • Innovation: UFIT's dedication to combining top-notch nutrition with exceptional taste ensures your customers have access to cutting-edge, delicious, and nutritious snacks and drinks that cater to a wide range of protein and calorie needs

UFIT is on a mission to empower busy individuals with nourishing, convenient drinks and snacks, ensuring they face each day with the energy and vitality needed to conquer their goals. Founded in 2014, UFIT has rapidly ascended to become the UK's leading high-protein ready-to-drink brand in just six years. The company's journey began out of frustration with the limited availability of healthy, high-protein options for on-the-go consumption. Determined to make high-protein shakes an essential part of daily life, UFIT's founders have successfully made their range accessible across the UK.

Committed to elevating everyday living by pushing boundaries through continuous innovation. UFIT combines industry-leading nutrition with exceptional taste, offering a range of drinks and snacks designed to simplify and enhance snacking, whether on the move, at work, or as a wholesome alternative to less-healthy options. The passionate and dedicated UFIT team plays a pivotal role in their success, driving their ambition to redefine protein snacking possibilities.

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