Clean Energy Drink

Includes Clean Energy and Yerba Mate

  • Zero Sugar
  • Zero Calories
  • 250ml Cans
  • Founded in 2016
Virtue Clean Energy is the ultimate healthy energy drink. With zero sugar and zero calories, it offers a delicious clean alternative to traditional options. Packed with natural caffeine from 100% organic green coffee beans and fortified with B-vitamins, it empowers individuals to perform at their best.
3 Functional Flavours
Nothing Artifical
Fairtrade Ingredients
Equivalent to Caffeine to 1 Cup of Coffee
Plant-Based Alternative Great for a Meal Deal Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock Virtue...

  • Clean and Refreshing Taste: Virtue Clean Energy offers energy drinks with a clean and refreshing taste profile, making them a desirable choice for customers seeking a flavourful and enjoyable beverage option.
  • Sustainable and Ethical Branding: Virtue Clean Energy is committed to sustainability and conservation. By stocking their products, retailers can align with a brand that supports the conservation of rainforests and contributes to a more environmentally conscious future.
  • Growing Demand for Clean Energy: With the increasing awareness and demand for clean and healthier energy drink options, stocking Virtue Clean Energy allows retailers to cater to the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers, attracting a wider customer base and driving sales.

Virtue Clean Energy was born out of the founder Rahi's quest to find a healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks. Realizing the drawbacks of consuming coffee due to unnatural energy spikes and crashes, Rahi set out to create a functional clean energy drink that could provide a sustained energy boost without the downsides. The brand's mission is to share the power of clean energy with people everywhere, helping them perform at their best while promoting the conservation of rainforests.

Virtue Clean Energy offers a clean and healthier alternative to traditional energy drinks. All of their products are zero sugar, zero calories, and made with all-natural ingredients. The drinks contain caffeine from clean sources like green coffee beans and yerba mate, providing a natural and stimulating energy boost. With the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Additionally, each can sold contributes to the conservation of rainforests, reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability.

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