High Protein Snacks and Drinks

Crunch Protein Bars, Raw Protein Flapjacks and Protein Waters

  • 20g Protein
  • Low Carbs & Sugar
  • RRP £1.99
  • Founded in 2008
Warrior was established with a singular purpose—to elevate athletic performance and mental focus for individuals across all spheres of life—backed by a commitment to crafting delicious, nutritious snacks and drinks that enhances both mind and body.
15 Flavours Available
UK's Fastest Growing Protein Bar
Competitive Price Point
HFSS Compliant Raw Flapjacks
Great for Workout Fuel Better for You Great with a Hot Drink

Key reasons to stock Warrior...

  • Profitable Opportunities: Stocking Warrior responds to a wide-ranging demand for products that elevate performance and focus, extending to athletes, professionals, and students alike
  • Functional Health Trend: The brand embodies a commitment to health and wellness, presenting science-driven nutritional solutions that amplify both mental acuity and physical vitality
  • Incredible Taste: Retailers opting to carry Warrior align with a brand that champions their customers' pursuit of excellence, offering products that empower and enhance their daily endeavours

Warrior emerges as a brand fuelled by a singular mission: to propel athletic performance and sharpen mental clarity for individuals across diverse endeavours. Its product line is meticulously designed to bolster those facing any challenge, whether an intense training regimen, high-stakes professional meeting, or demanding academic task. The brand's unwavering dedication is to empower individuals to excel in every facet of their lives.

This mission finds resonance in every facet of the brand's offerings. Warrior aspires to enrich the global landscape by producing remarkably palatable food that doubles as a source of holistic well-being. Through a rigorous foundation in scientific research, the brand delivers nutrition that nurtures both cognitive faculties and physical prowess, ensuring that each bite contributes to achieving peak performance.

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