Baked Corn Snacks

So moreish, so crunchy, absolutely addictive crisps

  • All Natural Flavourings
  • 40% Less Fat than Normal Crisps
  • Gluten Free
  • Founded in 2016
Satisfy your cravings without the guilt with Well & Trulys Crunchies baked corn snacks. Well & Truly Crunchies Crisps are Naughty-ish. Naughty indulgent flavours but nice ingredients that are sustainably and ethically sourced. 100% goodness guaranteed. Using all natural, real ingredients you'll find in your kitchen.
7 Flavours Available
Guilt Free Snacking
Free From
Female Founded Brand
Great for a Meal Deal Great for a Big Night In Great with Alcohol

Key reasons to stock Well & Truly...

  • Bold Flavours: Crammed full of flavour, crunch, and lower in fat, this brand is a satisfying winner
  • Better for You Revision: Well & Truly crunchies are a better revision of a classic baked snacks consumers will easily recognise. But these snacks only include all natural ingredients, no added sugar, gluten free, veggie friendly and come in under 150 calories
  • Keeping it Simple: Less is moreish. Never using nasties of any kind, and every ingredients is there for a reason - to make good food shoppers will love.

Well & Truly take pride in the impact that they have on their consumers’ health. Since launching, the brand has taken 35 million grams of fat out of the supply chain. Just to repeat, that’s 35 million grams of fat. They thrive off helping to contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Even with their snacks being 40% less fat, Well & Truly do not compromise on taste and flavour on their ranges of wickedly addictive savoury crisps.

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