The UK’s first protein-packed, vitamin-infused chocolate bar.

Great tasting, without compromising on health

  • Zero Sugar
  • Low-Calorie
  • High-Protein
  • UK's 1st
Proudly made in the UK, WheyBetter combines the nutritional benefits of a protein bar with the delicious taste of traditional chocolate, catering to the growing demand for balanced, healthier snacking options. This unique format fits perfectly as an alternative to chocolate.
Versatile Convenience
Broad Customer Appeal
Excellent Shelf Appeal
Strong Customer Demand
Great Sharing Option Better Chocolate Alternative  Great for Office Snacking

Key reasons to stock Whey Better...

  • Innovative Market Leader: WheyBetter is the UK’s first protein-packed, no-added-sugar, vitamin-infused chocolate bar, providing a unique selling proposition that sets it apart from other chocolate products on the market.
  • Growing Consumer Demand:The trend for functional, healthier, and more balanced snacking continues to grow in the UK.
  • Wide Market Appeal: WheyBetter chocolate is designed to appeal to a broad demographic, from fitness enthusiasts to families seeking healthier chocolate alternatives.

The delicious and nutritious range of protein-packed, no-added-sugar, and vitamin-infused chocolate bars has entered the market at a time when the trend for functional, healthier, more balanced snacking continues to grow in the UK.

With its unique selling points of having all the nutritional benefits of a protein bar along with the mass market appeal and taste of a traditional chocolate bar, Whey Better is quickly becoming a household favourite among health-conscious, on-trend consumers who want functional foods that align with their lifestyle needs and offer extra health benefits outside the category norm.

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