Electrolyte and Protein Waters

A sports water drinks brand

  • Sports Cap
  • Sugar & Fat Free
  • Contains Vitamins C, D & B6
  • Founded in 2018
Packed with electrolytes and protein allowing you to stay hydrated and recover quicker. WOW HYDRATE believes in the power of water and its role in hydration and digestion. By incorporating water into their products, they ensure optimal absorption of the added benefits and help individuals maintain a healthy diet.
Ready to Drink
10g & 20g Protein Formats
Backed by Sports Ambassadors
Collagen Protein
Great for Workout Fuel Great for Food to Go Great for a Mood Boost

Key reasons to stock Wow Hydrate...

  • Health-Conscious Alternative: Provides consumers with a healthy alternative to sports waters and electrolyte drinks that are often loaded with sugar. By stocking WOW HYDRATE, retailers can cater to health-conscious individuals looking for low-sugar options.
  • Performance and Hydration: These sports drinks and electrolyte drinks help individuals stay hydrated and energized during sports and fitness activities, delivering performance benefits when needed.
  • Abundance of Health Benefits: WOW HYDRATE's products offer a range of health benefits, including being low in calories, fat-free, and sugar-free. They provide essential electrolytes, protein, and vitamins, supporting overall well-being.

WOW HYDRATE is dedicated to providing low-calorie, sugar-free, and fat-free functional waters infused with electrolytes, protein, and essential vitamins. The brand's mission is to promote healthy hydration while delivering great taste and performance benefits. Through targeted marketing campaigns, WOW HYDRATE strives to raise awareness about the importance of staying hydrated and the positive impact it can have on individuals' performance and overall well-being. The brand's slogan, "be the best," encapsulates the belief that everyone has the potential to surpass their own expectations and perform at their peak, whether in sports, work, or daily life.

Electrolytes are lost from the body in sweat, and these need to be replaced to maintain fluid balance, whilst BCAAs can help to reduce fatigue, meaning that you’ll benefit from the boost during your training.

WOW HYDRATE's range of functional waters offers a refreshing and flavourful alternative for individuals living an active lifestyle. Each drink is designed with a specific purpose, providing performance and health benefits to support individuals' hydration needs. By stocking WOW HYDRATE, buyers can offer their customers a range of hydration solutions that prioritize health, taste, and functionality.

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