High Protein Savoury Snacks

Low carb, keto friendly, milk protein balls

  • 13g Protein
  • Low Carb
  • 106 Calories
  • Founded in 2021
Total XP Protein Crunch offers a game-changing snacking crisp XPerience, boasting a tantalizing fusion of FLAVOUR & CRUNCH & PROTEIN, delivering a savoury delight that's hard to resist. Just 4g of carbs and 106 calories per pack, with 13g of protein.
3 Flavours Available
Keto Friendly
55% Protein Content
Palm Oil & Grain Free
Great for a Big Night In Better for You Great for Workout Fuel

Key reasons to stock XP...

  • Game-Changing Formula: Invite your customers to experience a new world of snacking pleasure, where flavour, crunch, and protein unite in perfect harmony
  • Protein-Packed Satisfaction: With an impressive 55% protein content, Total XP Protein Crunch satisfies hunger and supports active lifestyles
  • Deliciously Savoury: Break free from overly sweet protein snacks as Total XP Protein Crunch brings the joy of savoury delights with incredible macros

Total XP Protein Crunch, created by the visionary Akhil Changani, takes snacking to a whole new level. By blending FLAVOUR X CRUNCH X PROTEIN, they have unlocked the formula for a truly revolutionary snacking XPerience. With their enticing offerings, tasting is believing, and you'll wonder why you didn't discover this incredible fusion sooner. Each pack of crisps boasts an impressive 55% protein content, delivering 13g per serving, while keeping it low on carbs (4g), fats (4g), and calories (106).

Experience a whole new snacking dimension with Total XP Protein Crunch. Tantalizing your taste buds with flavours like Chilli Hotness, Epic Cheese, and Smoky BBQ, it's the perfect blend of savoury satisfaction and protein power. Say goodbye to overly sweet protein products and savour the savoury delight that brings FLAVOUR X CRUNCH X PROTEIN together in one scrumptious pack, the perfect crisp product to up your game.

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