Where Nourishment Meets Convenience

Delicious complete meal in a bottle

  • 34 g protein
  • Keeps you full for 3-5 hours
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • 26 vitamins and minerals
YFood caters to modern lifestyles by providing convenient and balanced nutrition. Prioritising both essential nutrients and indulgent taste, they uphold transparency in their ingredients, fostering consumer trust in the quality of their products.
Nutritionally Complete
Indulgent Flavours
Convenient Meal Solution
Transparent Ingredient List
Easily identifiable Macros Great for the Workplace Great Grab and Go Option

Key reasons to stock Yfood...

  • Complete Nutrition with Convenience: YFood's ready-to-drink shakes offer complete nutrition, saving time without compromising health.
  • Exceptional Taste Experience: Prioritising indulgent and satisfying flavours ensures a delightful nutrition experience.
  • Transparency and Trust: YFood's commitment to quality and openness builds trust, making it the preferred choice for nutrition needs.

Fhirst Zero Sugar Drink - Ginger and Mandarin flavoured drink Fhirst Soda for gut health cooled on ice Fhirst Cherry Vanilla flavour- a great healthy alternative to cherry cola

YFood was founded with a powerful vision to redefine how people nourish their bodies in today's fast-paced world. The founders recognized the need for a convenient, nutritious, and delicious solution to meet the demands of busy lives, and embarked on a mission to create a brand that combines health and convenience.

Their inspiration came from the belief that everyone deserves access to complete nutrition without sacrificing time or flavour. YFood offers more than just meal replacement options; it's a lifestyle choice that empowers individuals to prioritise their well-being without compromising on taste. They understand the challenges of juggling a hectic schedule, and their products are designed to seamlessly integrate into daily routines.

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