Realised the type of products that we needed and adapted to our dietary requests.

How did you get to where you are today with Allen Carr and how has the business changed in recent years?

I started as an Office Manager working in a beauty packaging design company and doing the same role in an information education industry. I was brought in to setup and create new systems and implement procedures to look after and improve facilities, suppliers and set up systems that would help the organisation and its clients. I started in 2010 and have been in my current role for 13 years, over that time we have developed and changed to provide more technological accessibility to all especially during the covid period

Realised the type of products that we needed and adapted to our dietary requests. - Allen Carr Web Banner 2

What do you think companies within your sector need to do in order to stay successful and relevant?

As we deal with clients with various addictions, we must identify what new addictions or existing addictions need attention. How we can present it in different formats to cater to people’s receptors that work best for them? Development of technology and systems not only online but also with training within staff is important as well.

What might the future look like for your industry?

Expanding the worldwide method to more countries and also identifying how we can use Allen Carr’s Method for various other addictions. I can only say that we provide a service that can benefit people’s lives without using any replacement products. I believe the future looks bright!

How did you find first working with Epicurium and how has the partnership developed since? What have you benefitted from working with Sam?

When I joined the consumables that we had were basic biscuits on a plate that we offered to our clients. When I realised that this was not suitable or appropriate for our clients, I looked into different possibilities for providing a better service.

My first point of contact at Epicurium was with Samantha Murphy back in 2017! She was engaging from the start and really took the time to understand the company’s needs and requirements. Over the years Sam realised the type of products that we needed and adapted to our ever-changing dietary request. i.e., vegan products etc. The relationship with Samantha is great as she provides not only a very professional service representing her company but also understanding and providing the products that she thinks we would like to give a try. She is a credit to Epicurium.

Which snacks/categories are proving most popular and why

What I have noticed is that more gluten-free/vegan/low calories/protein snacks are emerging for consumer trends to be healthier.

Any advice for Epicurium or our snack brand partners, from a customer viewpoint?

I would probably advise sending out regularly new samples of products that have come out with maybe a feedback card so that the suppliers can change or adapt their product to consumer’s taste.

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