If your customers are going to indulge, best make it guilt-free

There are many reasons why we indulge, whether we are firmly committed to health goals, attending a special occasion or just having 'one of those days', those excuses for a little treat always crop up for a consumer.

We are recognising this here at Epicurium, and offering you a way to help your customers satisfy that craving for a little indulgence with snacks that will offset the guilt that can come with giving in to those cravings.

Top Guilt-Free Indulgent Brands

When your customers do eventually decide to indulge, they need options that manage their cravings without making them feel guilty. If they are treating themselves, customers feel it should be with something worthwhile indulging in, this is achieved by opting for a snack that aligns with a value they hold, such as being a healthier version, more sustainable or a premium option.

Offering your customers guilt-free snacks will leave them satisfied and in turn more likely to return when that craving strikes again. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of guilt-free indulgent brands that will satisfy those cravings without too much compromise on conscience.
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Lifestyle & Dietary

Lifestyle & Dietary
  • B-Corp (2)
  • CQUIN Compliant (27)
  • Gluten Free (85)
  • Halal (10)
  • High Fibre (34)
  • High Protein (37)
  • Kosher (7)
  • Low Calorie (44)
  • Low Fat (49)
  • Low Sugar (67)
  • Organic (1)
  • Source of Protein (51)
  • Vegan (58)
  • Vegetarian (93)
Free From

Free From

Free From
  • Artificial Colours (102)
  • Gelatine (104)
  • Gluten Free (85)
  • GMO (106)
  • MSG (105)
  • Palm Oil (88)
  • Preservatives (96)
Free From Allergens

Free From Allergens

Free From Allergens
  • Celery (104)
  • Cereals Containing Gluten (84)
  • Crustaceans (106)
  • Eggs (91)
  • Fish (106)
  • Lupin (103)
  • Milk or Lactose (59)
  • Molluscs (106)
  • Mustard (101)
  • Peanuts (84)
  • Sesame (99)
  • Soya (72)
  • Tree Nuts (83)


  • Compostable Shelf Ready Case (5)
  • Recyclable Outer Case (84)
  • Recyclable Shelf Ready Case (59)

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