Meet Caroboo

What is Caroboo about?

Tell us about your brand story – what makes you different? We aren’t just another vegan chocolate brand because the wild thing about Caroboo, is that our products aren’t chocolate at all! We use a very old but often misunderstood ingredient Carob which has it’s own health benefits against cocoa. For a start it’s naturally sweet so we get to use 45% less sugar than say your average milk choc bar but you wouldn’t know it!


Who will Caroboo likely to appeal to?

We know from experience that traditional ‘free from’ bars can be lacking in the flavour department but mostly in the texture. Vegan chocolate for example can often be a bit powdery or waxy – not ours! Our bars are so creamy you’d be so surprised to know they are vegan.

In short, our bars definitely have a wider appeal but are absolutely perfect for - Flexitarians, Planet lovers – we use plastic free wrappers - Vegans, Gluten & dairy free’ers and those that want to eat chocolate but would happily find a ‘better-for-you’ version that has less sugar and isn’t dark chocolate!


Biggest challenge you've overcame as a brand?

Honestly seeing our Caroboo in huge long lines on a cooling line when we first went into production! It was the culmination of 2 years of hard work and it honestly was such an awesome moment!

We had LOADS of production issues with our first batch. One of the main hurdles we had to overcome (apart from getting not one but two factories to buy into our dream!) was finding a factory who had the capabilities to handle the home compostable packaging we use.


One fun fact about the brand?

SO many people love our ‘chocolate’ when in fact it isn’t chocolate at all! We’ve just cracked the carob code and made something so delicious and a ‘better for you’ version that you just wouldn’t know otherwise!


What's next for Caroboo?

We have some really interesting plans for Caroboo that will be rolled out in the next 12 months but we can’t share too much right now or we would be giving the game away! We have only recently launched and so our biggest focus right now it to grow the number of stores we are listed in and to grow those accounts really, really well!

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