Meet Family Secret

What is Family Secret all about?

There is not any seasoned Poppadom bags for on the on go like this on the market, apart from Walkers, whose poppadoms are not proper poppadoms. We began with launching cooking sauces which sell via varying retailers and then added snack boxes to the range. The poppadoms box was the most popular one, afterall everyone loves a Poppadom.

So, business with our train deals and soon to launch airline deal to stock our Poppadoms snack box was all going very well, so well, we needed more stock. We shipped in a container of mini poppadoms and let me tell you, thats a lot of poppadoms. Then the Big “C” struck. C being Corona. Travel retail was on its on knees and yes you guessed it, we were stuck with a lot of poppadoms. We had to be creative.


Who will Family Secret likely to appeal to?

Which consumer type / group does your brand aim to attract? People on the go, health conscious, and want a snack which is traditionally seen as unhealthy. Anyone who loves a poppadom with added flavours.


Biggest challenge you've overcame as a brand?

Launching Proppadoms, successfully crowdfunding and raising 150% over our target and being approached by BBC for Dragons Den. All within the pandemic! We will add to the range of flavours for Proppadoms…. watch this space!


One fun fact about the brand?

We’re not fun and very serious, haha! With a name like Proppadoms I am sure you can see our sense of humour.






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