Meet Fellow Creatures

Fellow Creatures makes the creamiest vegan chocolate. They use ethically sourced cocoa beans and their dairy free recipes contain creamed coconut for truly plant-based, healthier indulgence.

Why should I make space on my shelf?

Fellow Creatures created vegan chocolate in a way like no one has ever done before; they replaced dairy with creamed coconut while working with cocoa collaboratives, paying farmers 60% over trade price for their beans. Thanks to their proprietary recipes made in Switzerland, their chocolate bars are creamer than any other plant-based chocolate currently on the market.

The triple-certified Fellow Creatures produces chocolate with the highest environmental standards in mind; they are a carbon-neutral B Corp with all recipes approved by The Vegan Society. Their packaging is fully recyclable in the paper stream.

Who's likely to pick up a Fellow Creatures?

Since its launch in 2020, Fellow Creatures quickly gained a cult-like following and sold more than 500,000 bars via their online store. Recently, they gained nationwide distribution via a variety of wholesalers, 160 WH Smith travel locations, and specialty retailers such as Selfridges, The Vegan Kind Supermarket. The curvy, body-positive characters highly resonate with a millennial/Gen Z consumer while their vibrant and colourful packaging pops off the shelves.

What are the flavours in the range?

The 70g chocolate bars come in 5 flavours:

**Creamy Milkless Chocolate - the creamiest milk-style vegan chocolate
currently on the market
**Creamy Hazelnut Chocolate - with freshly-roasted Piedmont (highest-grade
Italian) hazelnut nibs
**Salted Caramel Chocolate - A Blonde chocolate (between white and conventional
‘brown’ chocolate) made with with sea salt and caramelised sugar, the only
vegan Caramac on the market
**Raspberry White Chocolate - a striking pink chocolate bar with real
freeze-dried raspberries - you can even hear the raspberry seedlets popping
on your teeth as you chew.
** Matcha White Chocolate - a show-stopping green chocolate bar with
ceremonial-grade Matcha green tea powder. Matcha is extremely on trend at the
moment and this flavour has quickly become our best seller.

What do they use instead of dairy?

Fellow Creatures' innovative products have proprietary recipes using creamed coconut instead of dairy and therefore are completely unique to the market. Unlike other chocolate companies who buy readily available base chocolate (couverture) as an ingredient to melt and mold then sell under their brand name.

Fellow Creatures is committed to paying 60% over trade price for cocoa. They do this by only working with carefully selected cocoa collaboratives in Ghana to grant 100% traceability back to the farm. Where are the products made? When consumers think of creamy chocolate they instantly think of Switzerland. This is the reason why Fellow Creatures turned Swiss chocolate makers when they set out to create the creamiest vegan chocolate.

Fellow Creatures Chocolate Bar

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