Meet Fullgreen

What is Fullgreen about?

Fullgreen was founded by husband and wife team who were looking for easy ways to eat healthily for themselves and their young family. Both Jamie and Gem believe in the power of healthy eating to improve lives, and launched Fullgreen with the mission to "Democratise Health" by making healthy eating enjoyable, convenient and affordable. The idea for Fullgreen products was born out of co-founder Gem Misa's frustration at making her own vegetable rice at home.

A health-conscious but time poor mother, Gem often couldn't find the time to cook healthy meals from scratch. Out of her epiphany that "there must be an easier way", she and Jamie developed their fuss-free, convenient vegetable rices. Since then, they've introduced Cauliflower Risottos and the world's first Plant-based breakfast made from 100% fruit and veg.


Who will Fullgreen likely to appeal to?

Our target consumers are those looking to get more vegetables in their diet, and also those trying to cut down on carbs for health & fitness reasons (diabetics, people with gluten & wheat allergies, those trying to lose weight, those on low carb diets such as Keto & Paleo)


Proudest work moment?

Seeing our products on the shelves of Walmart USA where we got listed in 1,500 of their largest stores. Now we're spreading the word across the UK.


One fun fact about the brand?

Our team likes having beers in the office on a Friday afternoon to celebrate the week’s highlights, and support each other on the week’s challenges.


What's next for Fullgreen?

We're looking at introducing new products including a range of cauliflower risottos and a 100% plant based breakfast range.


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