Meet Karma Drinks

How did it all start?

Karma was born on a beach in 2010, all the way over near Auckland (New Zealand). The brand was founded by two brothers, Chris and Matt, and their mate Simon. All three have a shared passion for building well crafted, ethical food and drinks businesses – and want to create products that are better for people and for planet. 


What is Karma about?

There are about 2 billion cola’s consumed every day - over a million minute. But the West African people who discovered the magical properties of the cola nut don’t make a penny from the world’s most popular fizzy drink. Karma Drinks are here to fix that; by making our drinks with real organic and Fair trade ingredients, and 1 % of revenue going back to work with the farmers who grow our Cola nuts. We believe that a drink should taste good, look good and do a whole lot of good at the same time.


What makes Karma different from other drinks?

We are one of the only soft drink companies in the UK that are Organic, Fair trade – and made with real ingredients, with no preservatives and nothing you can’t pronounce. What’s really special about Karma Drinks is what happens after you’ve drunk your drink. 1% of revenue goes back to The Karma Foundation, which works with our cola growers in Sierra Leone to help drive economic and social independence.

So far we’ve built schools and bridges, we provide bursaries for 133 girls to go to school each year, in classrooms we’ve built, and taught by teachers who have been trained and subsidised by Karma. We help the communities keep their water pumps clean and functioning; and provide a health fund for all 3,000 villagers. This is all just the beginning – with your help we can do so much more.


What's next for Karma?

Karma Drinks has been voted ‘The Worlds Most Ethical Trader’ by Fair trade, and we’re just waiting on the final stages of our B-corp accreditation. We’re in the process of reducing our sugar across our range, which will be launching very soon. All our drinks are packed full of organic and Fair trade ingredients which are better for the planet, and better for you.

Meet Karma Drinks - Karma

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