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At Lexi’s, we make healthy treats that are a JOY to eat!

As a lifelong snacker (and occasional calorie counter myself), I know how hard it is to satisfy your sweet tooth, guilt-free.

With healthy snacks often lacking the truly satisfying taste and texture of sweets and chocolate, I decided to create my range of 'ooey gooey' Crispy Treats to offer customers a more satisfying and fun healthier choice!

My treats are packed with protein, low in calories and can be enjoyed by lots of people (being vegan, gluten, nut & dairy free).

They’re the ideal guilt-free indulgent treat! 

Over the past 12 months Covid-19 has really changed how people go about their day-to-day lives. Initially national lockdowns led to consumers craving more traditional sweet and salty snacks whilst at home, however Covid really highlighted the importance of health. 63% of consumers now say that the virus has made them more conscious about their overall health and they’re now choosing a more healthier lifestyle.

However, this doesn’t mean any less snacking. Consumers are eating and drinking more healthily, however 55% of UK consumers also say that they’ve been snacking more frequently than before. This means there’s growing consumer demand for healthy snacks that offer plenty of satisfaction, whilst also offering the health benefits they crave!

We’re a healthy brand, with appealing fun branding, and super delicious unique treats that tick a LOT of ‘healthy’ boxes for consumers! Our treats appeal to a wide range of consumers and we get a LOT of repeat purchases because we truly hit the sweet spot! Our healthier treats are bang on trend (healthy, high in protein, low calorie, vegan and ‘free from’) and they still taste like a proper treat!

It's the best of both worlds and exactly what consumers are looking for!

We’ve reinvented a marshmallow & crispy rice classic for the better and consumers LOVE that Lexi’s is a brand making a healthier version of something they already love! They’re truly unique, absolutely delicious and offer consumer a much more satisfying way to snack more healthily!

The move away from traditional snacks and move towards healthier alternatives will continue, as consumers become more health-conscious. They’re looking for higher quality snacks that offer more functional benefits (e.g. high protein, high fibre, low calorie), as well as more inclusive options (eg. vegan, gluten free, low calorie) They’re looking for products that offer all the above, however they’re also NOT willing to cut out moments of indulgence. This means they still want satisfying choices that deliver joy!

As people return to their normal lives, they’ll be looking for retailers to offer snacks that meet these needs, both on-the-go and in the work environment. Retailers stocking more on-trend healthier snacking brands like Lexi’s can tap in to the trends above and can really add value to their sales, as consumers are also willing to pay a premium for healthier choices like our Crispy Treats!

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