Meet The Gut Stuff

Why should I make space on my shelf?

Gut health and fibre is top of the agenda for shoppers. So why does the snacking category not have a suitable option? That’s why The Gut Stuff launched their high fibre bar range. Offering more fibre, cleaner ingredients and lower calories than the rest of the market, these are the snack bar for your gut, whilst filling a whitespace within the category.

Shoppers are looking to live the gut life, so stock this product and you are giving them an easy and tasty way for them to do just this.

Why are these bars good for the gut?

The Gut Stuff High Fibre bars have 10g of fibre. People are recommended to eat 30g of fibre a day which can be difficult hence the reports stating that 9 in 10 people in the UK are not getting enough fibre. These bars are the answer to the problem, being an easy and tasty way to get 1/3 of your fibre fix making them the daily snack for your gut.

What's the story behind the founders?

When The Gut Stuff founders, former DJs The Mac Twins, participated in a TwinsUK research study, they discovered that despite having 100% of the same DNA, their guts shared only 30-40% of the same bacteria. They wanted to understand how and why this was but found the world of gut health to be a luxury, full of expensive products and inaccessible messaging. The Gut Stuff was born to change that. We believe gut health should be a right, not a privilege and therefore exist to offer education, as well as simple, convenient & tasty products so people can live the gut life!

Why do consumers seek high fibre snacks?

Not only do 1 in 4 people have digestive issues, but with the guts linked to mental health and immunity, gut health affects everyone and goes way beyond just your digestive system.
Why is fibre important?

Fibre feeds your gut bacteria. Reports show that it’s the bacteria that plays a role in digesting food, regulating immune systems and may even impact your mood, given that 95% of serotonin (your happy hormone) is produced in the gut. This is why the gut is now being increasingly connected to metabolism, immunity and mental health.

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