The Curators: Being a B-Corp & Snacking With Impact

The Curators: Being a B-Corp & Snacking With Impact - Curators B corp 2

Back in 2018, B-Corp was a relatively fledging model but something that really interested us at The Curators, having seen some fantastic challenger brands lead the charge, promoting a better way of doing business. We wanted to be better for our people, our partners and the planet.

With our Beef Biltong being 100% solar energy powered and our Cheesies made using 100% wind energy, we wanted to continue striving to be better. These are clearly small steps in the bigger challenge of global climate change, but it has to start somewhere - right?

There are now over 1,900+ B-Corp brands in the UK and we’re BEYOND proud to be one of them! To become a B-Corp brand, a company has to pass a bunch of rigorous tests and show that they care about treating their employees well, being environmentally friendly, and making a positive impact on the world. As of December 2022, we became one of them! It was a huge moment for us as a business, showing that we really do ‘walk the walk’. It’s a testament to our commitment to be a better business while making the best high protein snacks around!

The Curators: Being a B-Corp & Snacking With Impact - Curators B Corp 3

Companies are meticulously measured on 5 key areas in the B-Corp assessment. We’re incredibly proud of where we are now, but becoming a B-Corp brand was just the beginning of our impact journey. 

Since achieving our B-Corp status, we’ve seen some huge positives and areas of improvement in our business. 5 areas of growth we’re incredibly proud of from 2023 are:

  • Launching Innovation: our delicious new Veggie Puffs are made from peas which naturally have a low water footprint vs similar crops (½ the footprint of corn!). Peas add nitrogen to the soil and used in crop rotations this helps improve soil health by reducing the build up of pests and disease!
  • Acquiring Cheesies: We acquired Cheesies in Jan 2023, which meant that by June, we had consolidated two warehouses into one and combined joint customers orders - hello emissions savings while delivering better service to our customers!
  • Employee EMI Scheme: All our team are enrolled on our EMI (Enterprise Management Incentive) option scheme which essentially means all employees become partial owners of the company - even more motivation to build the business as a force for good. 
  • Offsetting Carbon Footprint: In collaboration with Climate Partner, we calculated our Corporate Carbon Footprint for 2022, identified ways to reduce our impact (Eurostar vs flying!) and offset the remains carbon we could not eliminate! 
  • Recyclable Packaging: Our range is 80% recyclable but we’re working VERY hard to get that to 100% as soon as possible! In 2023, we trialled a new recyclable Biltong film which we hope to have hitting shelves in 2024. Watch this space!
The Curators: Being a B-Corp & Snacking With Impact - Curators B Corp 4

We’re a FareShare ‘Leading Food Partner’ which means that we provide nutritious, healthy food to families at risk of hunger while reducing food waste. Across 2023, we saved 3.6 tonnes of food from landfill, prevented 7.7 tonnes of CO2e from waste and donated to 1,022 charities - that’s 8,500 meals!

We also love supporting the Felix Project’s brilliant work! With over 100 hours volunteered last year, we’re looking forward to topping that in 2024!

The Curators: Being a B-Corp & Snacking With Impact - Curators B Corp 1

As a team, we’re committed to the B-Corp Movement and couldn’t be more excited about building this further in 2024!

Interested in curating your own range of B-Corp brands that do better for you and the planet?

Head over to our product finder and use our pre set filters to find the next best B-Corp brand that's right for you and your customers; or get in touch with our sales team for expert advice.

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