The Snacking Solution To Boost Office Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

The Ins and Outs of Elevating Your Office Snacks and Guide to Achieving It

Boost Office Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Let’s face it, if we could all win the lottery and never work again we probably would, however, winning the actual lottery is quite difficult. But how about giving your team a lot of little wins to boost office productivity and employee Satisfaction with the best snacks and drinks for the office?

The good news is you’ve found your winning ticket right here with Epicurium! 

Continue on to see our expertly tailored list of top tips for elevating your office snacking game, to boost office productivity and employee satisfaction.

Benefits of Snacks for Office Productivity and Happiness

The workplace environment plays a significant role in employees’ overall satisfaction and productivity. One aspect that often gets overlooked is the availability of delicious and satisfying snacks.

Picture this: you’re in the break room, making your tea round, and you want to make it a special one. You open the snack cupboard with anticipation, only to be greeted by a sad sight – a few stale crackers that someone received as a secret Santa present two years ago, it’s a snacking nightmare!

By providing your employees with a range of tasty treats, you can transform the office atmosphere, boost morale and enhance productivity. Let’s delve into how you can select products that will wow in the workplace and the reasons why you should be bothered.

Inspiring a Positive and Energised Atmosphere

Food in the workplace is a widely researched topic with findings showing that snacking improves productivity by 20%, while 60% of people said that having food at the office would make them feel more "valued and appreciated".

Even just the simple act of providing quick and easy enjoyable desk drawer-filling snacks such as Candy Kittens or Propercorn can boost employee satisfaction, improve mood, and create a more cohesive and supportive working environment.

A whopping 88% of employees consider it important for their employer to offer office snacks. Surprisingly, 41% even admitted that they would seriously consider leaving a company that doesn't provide office snacks as one of the employee perks.

Enhancing Productivity and Focus

We can all agree that feeling hungry is the worst. Your stomach is busy doing its best to replicate the sounds of a motorbike and all you can think about is what to eat!

One in five Brits skip breakfast and don’t have their first meal until midday – leaving them less motivated and more unhappy than those with a full stomach, research has revealed. Hungry employees aren’t productive employees, it has been proven that when people are hungry their concentration and cognitive abilities tend to decline by up to 20%.

Snacks such as Huel, Bio & Me and Wat Kitchen, are perfect for providing a satisfying solution to cover those stomach-rumbling moments all the way from breakfast through to home time.

Help employees combat afternoon slumps

Boost Office Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

Everyone knows when they are feeling the afternoon energy slumps, looking at the clock, thinking “is it only that time?”.

Research shows that your average employee’s energy hits their first slump by 14:17pm. To combat this slump 69% – turn to caffeine for a boost.

Employees may look to energy drinks however traditional energy drinks are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. However, a new wave of clean energy is on the market, packed with vitamins, natural caffeine, and zero sugar, brands such as Virtue Energy and Nocco are the ideal companions for challenging those afternoon slumps.

Conduct a Snack Survey

Before stocking up on snacks, make sure to gather feedback from your employees. Ask them about their favourite snacks and any specific dietary requests they may have. This will help you to accommodate various preferences and ensure everyone feels included.

With the rising trend of conscious snacking, many individuals have adapted to alternative diets with 16% of British consumers identifying as flexitarian and 40% choosing to become vegan. Plant based protein brands such as Yummo's and Misfits are a perfect for low calorie, high protein chocolate bar replacements, and for that low calorie crisp alternative, look no further than The Curator’s Veggie Puffs.

It’s important to keep a mix of both healthy and indulgent snacks to strike a balance and satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Changing it Up

By now you may be hopefully considering something new and fresh to fill your cupboard with - those snacks that make people say “Ooh, what have you got there”.

It’s important that you don’t let that excitement disappear, remember the crackers?

You should look to rotate the snacks regularly to keep things interesting, consider offering sweet indulgent snacks like Pip & Nut Nut Butter Cups or Traybakes Bars to go with your cuppa during tea rounds or unique flavourful alternate snacks such as Cheese’os or Natives' Plant-based Prawn Crackers.

This not only adds variety but also brings the team together, generating conversation and bonding over a shared snacking experience.

The Winning Ticket

So now you have the winning ticket to the office snacking lottery and you can safely relax with the knowledge that the cupboard crackers will never get you.

It’s time for you to share the joy and start improving your workplace culture and employee satisfaction, turn tea-round blunders into tea-round wonders and become the hero your employees need.

Ordering Productivity Boosting Products With Epicurium

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