Exploring the Power of Gut Health with Fix8 Kombucha

Gut Health – NOW is the time.

Fix8 Kombucha Designed for Gut Health, held by a group of friends

Gut Health is a HOT topic right now.  Not surprising when the quality of your gut health dictates everything from your mood to your energy to your skin, and even libido! According to leading gut health expert Tim Spector, gut health is the most exciting area of human health research at the moment.

According to many Eastern systems of medicine, good health starts with digestion. With over 70% of your immune system and 95% of your serotonin coming from your gut, it’s safe to say gut health cannot be ignored in the modern day.

Alongside this, our modern western diets have been negatively affecting our gut health over the past few decades.

Ultra-processed foods, heavy use of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and emulsifiers in drinks - all disrupt our gut health. More recently, it has been announced by the WHO, that artificial sweeteners such as aspartame found in diet sodas are potentially linked to cancer. 

Following the Covid-19 Pandemic, interest in digestive health soared with consumers keen to support their immune system by improving their microbiome. The rise in gut health has directly correlated with the rise of gut health drinks, like kefir and more importantly, Fix8 kombucha.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea drink, made from 4 simple ingredients (tea, water, sugar, kombucha culture). It is a delicious, probiotic fizzy drink that has been around for centuries, but more recently popularised in the USA where it is a billion-dollar industry. In Asia where it originates, it has been referred to as the ‘tea of immortality’ for its health-giving benefits.

Kombucha and Functional Drinks Growth

Kombucha in the UK has been growing at a fast and steady rate for the past 6 years.

Currently, the market is growing at +51 % and is valued at £30M. By next year this is expected to rise in value to £50M.

Among competitors, Fix8 Kombucha is the fastest growing soft drink at 301% YOY. With its delicious taste, stylish brand and science-backed credentials - Fix8 is the kombucha we’re backing in functional drinks!

Fix8 Kombucha:

A can of Fix8 Gut health kombucha with a drinking straw in it

The concept of Fix8 was born when founder Freya Twigden was studying in Shanghai back in 2014 and her Chinese Doctor brought in some homemade kombucha as part of a lesson on gut health. It was love at first sip, and she became hooked.

However, when Freya returned to the UK she couldn’t find kombucha anywhere on UK shelves, and so began brewing it herself under her desk at university- the rest (as they say), is history!

Fix8 is a science-backed kombucha brand based in the UK, with 2 billion live probiotic cultures inside each can that are proven to reach your lower intestines alive, where they get to work! Not only this, but Fix8 also adds vitamin C to every can for that extra immune health boost!

Fix8 Kombucha is also a British made product, with a keen focus on sustainability.  Each Fix8 can is made from 62% pre-cycled aluminium, is infinitely recyclable and much lighter weight than glass. The products are local to the UK, and produced down in Devon.

Available in 3 delicious flavours: Ginger Turmeric, Sicilian Citrus, Strawberry Basil.

Health Benefits of Kombucha:

A can of orange flavoured fix8 kombucha, designed to improve gut health

Top 5 benefits Kombucha benefits:

1.     Probiotic - live cultures for gut health

2.     Anti-inflammatory

3.     Contains vitamins and minerals

4.     Boosts your energy and mood by supporting the brain-gut axis.

5.     Reduce reliance on artificial soft drinks and alcohol.

Kombucha Occasions:

Exploring the Power of Gut Health with Fix8 Kombucha - Fix8 3

Kombucha has become a great alternative to diet sodas and fizzy artificial pop for consumers.

Nutritionists often recommend it to their clients to reduce alcohol consumption, and reduce sugary, high calorie or artificial soda from their diets.

Kombucha has become the ‘soda for modern day consumers’, looking to enjoy a healthy fizzy drink and look after their health at the same time.

Top 5 consumption occasions for consumers:

1.     Delicious healthy drink with lunch

2.     On the go hydration

3.     Afternoon as a snack

4.     In the evening as an alternative to alcohol

5.     as a healthier mixer


So there you have it! The gut is the epicenter to our overall health and wellbeing, and it is important that we pay attention to what we put in our bodies. Consumers are becoming more aware of the importance of a healthy gut and alongside this, the kombucha market is growing exponentially.

As a kombucha with an accessible flavour and price point Fix8 is a brilliant addition to your healthy drinks range.

Available through Epicurium:

EP-FIX-C-001Fix8 Ginger Turmeric Kombucha (12 x 250ml)
EP-FIX-C-002Fix8 Strawberry Basil Kombucha (12x250ml)
EP-FIX-C-003Fix8 Sicilian Citrus Kombucha (12x250ml)


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