Immunity Boosting - A Trend You Should Know About

Immunity and health is at the top of shopper minds. Health and healthier snacking too has never been higher on the agenda with immunity boosting products that are fortified with vitamins and probiotics, or promote good gut health and mental wellbeing, in huge demand. With ever-growing numbers of health-conscious consumers, help them balance feel-good snacking with health. Think immunity boosting products fortified with vitamins for general wellbeing and good gut health. Natural, clean products are inherently healthier and offer a great source of vitamins, and nutrition to promote mental well-being, improve gut health and significantly contribute to strengthening immunity.

Similarly, the ‘health halo’ of plant-based & vegan foods is experiencing unprecedented shopper numbers and products that provide the nutrition to support exercise & wellbeing routines are an increasingly essential part. Interesting vegan brands have stayed in growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as they’re seen as healthier, more environmentally friendly and are essential choices for ethically-minded and socially conscious shoppers.

The ‘Big Night In’ category has really come to the fore with shoppers looking to travel from their sofa and experiment with new tastes of the world. Sharing sizes, new flavours and premium indulgent options are all driving forces in this category. For the remainder of 2021, healthier snacking and clean comfort food will remain high on the agenda. Update your range for new snacking occasions and shopper missions. Stock-up on more tastes of the world & sharing formats, and offer mood boosting treats. Don’t miss out on attracting these new shoppers.

A huge proportion of today’s shoppers have no interest in alcohol, and actively choose natural products with no added sugar. There’s many excellent products that are naturally alcohol-free or low in sugar, and low and no options are an essential for your range. While Dry January is a popular way to start the year on a healthier note, more and more people are jumping on the alcohol-free lifestyle year-round. Millennials and Generation Z in particular are drinking less in general. It was inevitable drink brands would come up with a creative solution and shoppers have responded in kind with record sales of low and no alcohol.

● Enjoyment is the top driver for snacking choices, accounting for 82.5% of servings.
● Meanwhile, health needs drive 29.3% of snacking choices. Within these, the main health driver is to get a portion of fruit of veg.
● Health benefits, such as snacks with fibre and vitamin claims, came a close second, accounting for 13.3% of health-driven needs. This mirrors the growing functional trend across the wider food and drink categories.
● Snacks that are ‘more natural/less processed’ account for 7.2% of health driven snacking occasions.

(Source: Kantar 52 w/e 21 February 2021)


Sourcing Healthy and Trending Snacks

Our mission is to banish boring snacks, help retailers stand out from their competition and attract a wider range of shopper. We specialise in providing the snacks that excite a higher spending shopper and give retailers the opportunity to embrace new shopping habits & convenience missions. Our carefully curated range offers you the opportunity to target the hottest consumer trends and give shoppers more reason to visit their local convenience store, favourite online snack box or independent coffee shop. We’ll help you identify the very best new category options to help you attract and retain loyal customers from a wider demographic, and you can rely on us to keep up with fast evolving consumer trends.

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