Making it a Healthier & Premium Big Night In

Not so much the new going out, over the past few months staying in has just been about the only opportunity for consumers to let their hair down. The Big Night In is as big as it ever has been, creating demand for snacks to share, easy-eats and indulgent treats along the way. Here’s how to tempt the health conscious staying-in crowd....

With COVID-19 we have seen consumer behaviour shift significantly. Consumers are becoming scratch cooks who are much more adventurous with new recipes and flavours, and are willing to pay more for premium products to treat themselves.

We have found that consumers are looking to buy locally and/or online now more than ever. The independent sector has really become a staple in the community and local customers have really appreciated their efforts from supplying the basics, treats and some even becoming Tik-Tok famous.

At the same time, the UK government recently release their obesity strategy to help empower everyone with the right information to make healthier choices. They want to support shoppers to purchase healthier options and shift the balance of promotions to maximise the availability of healthier products. But also the fear of the uncertainty with current affairs such as Brexit and Covid19 plays a big part in customer mental health cases on the raise.

Now we are seeing a continuation of the pandemic, consumers are placing added emphasis towards their healthy lifestyles, and with that their snacking tendencies. Data from Flawless.Org revealed that the search term “healthy snacking” was up by 110% as lockdown measures were starting to ease. On top of that, Kantar revealed that healthy snacking has returned to the level of growth that was seen pre-Covid.

So we know healthy snacking is back on the up, but that period of indulgence and emphasis on taste may have caused another shift. Incredibly, whilst 31% of snacking occasions are healthy (Kantar 52 w/e March, 2020), only 20% of consumers would describe healthy snacks as tasty. Bearing in mind, taste is the number one determining factor of a product being repurchased, this leave an incredible opportunity.


Tastes of the World from the Sofa

Over the last few years world foods have seen significant growth with Mexican cuisine as one of the growth leaders. Street food has also seen a huge rise in popularity. With travel plans abroad cancelled for the foreseeable future, people are experiencing travel through their cooking. Consumers are cooking at home more than ever before, venturing with their taste buds and trying out new recipes and looking to replicate their favourite restaurant meals at home.

Manomasa capitalises on both these trends by offering an authentic range perfect for recreating Mexican meals at home. The consumer desire for authenticity and provenance, the rise of global cuisines and street food as well as the trends towards scratch cooking, the big night in and savoury snacking. When it comes to provenance whenever possible, Manomasa does it right.


Satisfying Premium, Health and Taste

With consumers now looking for snacks for the 'Big Night In' that benefit the health and their taste buds, which range is the perfect solution retailers should be looking at?

This is where Olly’s Olives and Pretzels comes in - producing snacks that have health at the heart and flavour to the full. Aiming to satisfy the 13 MILLION healthy snacking occasions per day that aren’t delivering on flavour. The ambient olive pouches have resulted in huge demand for olive lovers who are looking for a clean a simple snack on the go – no messy oils, no stones, only delicious marinated Greek olives.

Their brand new pretzel thins bring something completely unique to the booming healthy alternative to crisp market – up to 80% less saturated fat and 40% less calories compared to some potato crisps, and a source of protein to sweeten the deal! On top of the above, all of these snacks are suitable for vegans, are all under 100 Calories, and most importantly, absolutely delicious! With the consumers now looking for snacks that benefit the health and their taste buds, the Olly’s range is the perfect solution retailers should be looking at.


Catering for Eco-conscious Consumers

There is a lot of focus on healthy and healthier snacking and the importance of recyclable packaging in the market. Noisy Snacks are totally on board with that, you can even hear the scrunch of our 100% recyclable packaging. Noisy Snacks should excite independent retailers because it offers them an exciting point of different. With adventurous flavours like Pickled Onion Nuts, Piri-Piri Mango Chickpeas, Jamaican Jerky Crunchy Corn and Vegan Beef Brisket Bean Chips what a great way make noise on the shelf with something interesting, healthy and 100% recyclable.

But what if we could offer more than just healthier snacking and help to inspire people to trigger a healthier mind? By offering a new sensory experiences that soothe or make us feel happy, experiences that trigger our autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) which elicits a feeling of calm and relaxation. Noisy Snacks are on a mission to encourage customers to create their own sensory experience by trying new adventurous flavours and Noisy healthier snacks.

Snack Category Advice from Epicurium

With this new normal, one thing is clear; people do adapt and this is the time to make your changes and see the opportunities as a retailer for looking ahead into 2021. With a big thanks for the contribution kindly shared by the teams at Manomasa, Olly's and Noisy Snacks.

Would you like to create your very own in-store healthier grab and go destination? As experts in healthier grab and go snacks, click here and you can learn more about what we offer. With independent brands stealing a march on the more established brand names, we have the right balance of curated challenger, high growth and innovative snack brands. We've created a curated category management plan to help you meet the demand from consumers.

Whether you are stocking up for a full healthier snacking bay, or looking to add a new brand at the till point to help customers make the right choice on their daily commute, a wealth of healthy snacks awaits! With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order number and free delivery* on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into freshest healthier grab and go alternatives in no time.

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