Making Snacking Occasions Interesting - Guest Insight with Noisy Snacks

As UK starts to open up these a sense of opportunity. The weekend glow is starting to become exciting again. Hitting the gym, meeting friends, social gathering and parties are all events being booked in the diary for weekends ahead. As the fun starts to come back to life, consumers are more aware of making the healthier choices with summer fast approaching and the importance of wellbeing, but also wanting to experience new things in life, creating memorable experiences, adventure and never taking freedom for granted again.

Whether your typical shopper is a foodie looking for new ideas, a busy on-the-go professional or simply one who is looking for a tasty alternative, there's a world of interesting British snack brands. Making snacking occasions has become a little more interesting with brands such as Noisy Snacks. Take a closer look with guest insight from Noel Allen, Co-Founder at Noisy Snacks.


What are Noisy Snacks?

Noisy Snacks develop and sell award winning, innovative, healthier snacks that offer a fun way of snacking on the go or at home while using all five senses. Noise is our secret ingredient because every time you shake a Noisy Snack, you activate the extra flavours - most snack companies use 4% flavouring: we use 8%! Noisy Snacks are the perfect healthier snack to add that little bit of fun and discovery to your store. Customers will be buzzing in store to find their weekend snacks, why not offer something new with adventurous flavours and a memorable USP.


Scientists believe there might be an inherent subconscious reason that people are raiding the snacking shelves during lockdown. Hungry Brits are gobbling up snacks that deliver more of a sensory experience. The crunch delivered in savoury snacks may trigger a pleasurable and positive effect on people’s mood.

Clare Tighe, The Therapy Coach, is a MBACP registered Psychotherapist and Coach, her private practice is based in Cheshire. She says; “For some, our senses and experiences have been deprived during lockdown. Where we were reliant on sensory experiences to fulfil us, we are now searching for new sensory experiences that soothe or make us feel happy, experiences that trigger our autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) which elicits a feeling of calm and relaxation.


What Makes Them Different?

In a growing market I believe the Noisy Snacks range will interest independent retailers as it offers them an exciting point of different. In fact, the value of savoury snacks has climbed by 13.1% in 2020 to the dizzy height of £3.8bn * [Kantar 52 w/e 27 December 2020]. That’s an extra £441.8m. Meat and spicy flavours, in particular, have experienced double-digit growth over the past year.

With Noisy Snacks adventurous flavours like Pickled Onion Nuts, Piri-Piri Mango Chickpeas, Jamaican Jerky Crunchy Corn and Vegan Beef Brisket Bean Chips it is a great way to make noise on the shelf with a growing flavour trend. Bursting with flavour, Noisy Snacks have double the amount of flavouring as regular snacks (8g instead of 4g per pack).

The brand re-imagines classic flavours such as Pickled Onion but dials them up by requesting that people shake the pack loudly before opening to wake the extra flavour inside. Even during the pandemic, sustainability has been a concern among consumers. A study by First Insight on the demands of generation Z shoppers, saying 65% claim eco-friendly packaging is important to them. *[TheGrocer17thApril21]. Sustainability is hugely important to Noisy Snacks. You can even hear the scrunch of our 100% recyclable packaging.


We are aiming all our digital marketing activity towards the weekend and creating Noise and Fun with our adventurous flavours. Through online competitions to win movie nights and Noisy party boxes from the upcoming Euros. As the vaccine roll out continues, we look towards getting back to face to face consumer events later in the year to make noise with our Noisy brand drum kit and raise awareness of the brand to support retail sales through sampling campaigns with consumers at event such as BBC Good Show.


Noisy Snacks on a table
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Why Independents Need to Think Ahead

Although Covid restrictions are easing, much of the consumer behaviour that shaped 2020 is likely to influence the coming years. Working from home is likely to become the norm to some extent for many office workers, while the big night in will stay relevant due to the financial pressures faced by households. The independent sector has really become a staple in the community and local customers have appreciated their efforts from supplying the basics, treats and some even becoming Tik Tok famous.

It’s important to not only deliver the basics but offer forward thinking products to help customers through difficult times and even making some noise with a simple hello and a wave can make all the different to customers hiding behind masks.


We’ve found that people are extremely receptive to adopting new things at this time. We have been overwhelmed with demand. People are especially interested in anything that delivers more of a memorable experience. Noisy Snacks have been created to give people an engaging experience with bold flavours; with snacks that make lots of noise; snacks that you have to shake; and snacks that deliver an element of surprise to the taste.

We believe there is an opportunity in retail and online to create more experiences by offering and pairing products to create movie cinema nights packages, Euro football party deals and games night specials based around interesting healthier products as the big weekend becomes more about the at-home occasion with family and friends.


Ordering Noisy Snacks Wholesale with Epicurium

As experts in tasty and interesting snacks, you can get the best challenger and new snacks from the most innovative brands from us including Noisy Snacks. With independent brands stealing a march on the more established brand names, driven by authenticity and quality. Now more than ever you need to become a go to destination.

With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order number and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into freshest healthy drinks in no time.

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