Epicurium Trend Insights To Help You Start Right In 2023

As businesses, we’ve become accustomed to grappling with a seemingly constant stream of change. Most recently the introduction of HFSS location restrictions, hybrid working causing a shift away from city centres, and the current cost-of-living crisis. With these topics in mind, today we’re focusing on how you should respond effectively to attract and sustain customers in 2023. Our trend insights include practical advice, tips, and tools to help tackle some of the challenges ahead.

Shift in consumer behaviour habits: on the go nutrition becoming much more favourable due to convenience

The world is moving at a faster pace with each passing day, and that means consumers are dedicating less and less time to their snacking. This has seen a rapid rise in the demand of on-the-go, nutritious snacks as consumers look to work around their ever-increasing schedules. This is only going to continue over the coming months and years, meaning there has never been a better time to invest in your healthy and convenient snacking range. Look to brands such as Nakd for a wide variety of sweet options.

The rise in inflation and riding the cost-of-living wave

The cost-of-living crisis is forcing customers to make choices in their purchasing habits, with an increased importance being placed on looking to reduce sugar daily and lower calories, as well as the want to recycle rather than use single-use plastics. Brand-wise, the cost-of-living squeeze will see consumers being more selective and continuing to choose those premium options that they connect and engage with and which fit within their lifestyles, while looking to reduce spending on brands they’re not as connected to. The effect of this is that selecting the right range for your consumers is crucial, with their still being a willingness to spend on the right premium brands. Our expert team are always on hand to offer guidance on best-selling products and firm customer favourites.

Continually adapting to the changing tastes of consumers

With the vast choice available, consumers are being more conscious when deciding on that extra indulgence. Customers are looking for snacks that fit with their lifestyle choices and match their ethical position, as well as something that ticks the box for a tasty treat. When reviewing stock choices for 2023 it is important to be selective about your offering. Look to those small challenger brands if you are looking for new flavours or add in lower fat or lower salt alternatives to some of the classics, consider trends around fitness and provide protein-packed, vegan-friendly options. Check out Huel, Grenade and Eat Natural for firm favourites.

How to keep employees snacking healthily when working from home

The temptation to snack at home cannot be underestimated; the ease of popping to the cupboard to grab a biscuit before a meeting or raiding the shelf for that last bag of crisps to satisfy that salty craving. As many of us continue to work in a hybrid format the likelihood of consuming our weekly packed lunches by 11am on a Monday is sure to increase. Help customers avoid the guilt and provide options for healthy snacking. Easy, nutritious, conscious snacking options are the way to go. Encourage these healthy choices and support the growing desire for alternatives when at home.

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