Why Sustainable Snacking is Trending

According to research undertaken by Forrester Consulting, 77% of consumers are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy . This change in consumer behaviour has led to some consumers being willing to spend more money for a brand they deem as sustainable. Here to explain, Adam Ellison, Digital Marketing Executive @ Nudie Snacks.

Why Reducing Food Waste Matters to Shoppers

While there are many ways a brand can focus on its environmental impact, at Nudie Snacks we decided to focus on one of the key drivers towards sustainability - food waste. We created the UK’s first cauliflower crisps, which are made from wonky vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste. In two fabulous flavours Katsu Curry and Vegan Cheese and Onion – both proved to be a popular snack winning great taste awards in 2021 and holding a strong 4.8 out of 5 starts on reviews.io. We are also very proud that we have been able to save 10 tonnes of cauliflower from going to waste in the last 18 months.

According to the Drawdown Project reducing food waste is a key driver towards a more sustainable future. Reducing food waste means that the energy and resources used to produce food that’s never eaten are not going to waste too. But more importantly, when food waste ends up in landfill and most of it does, it decomposes without access to oxygen and creates methane. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency it is “25 times as potent as carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere”.

In addition to our cauliflower crisps, almost all of our entire range of snacks are produced in the UK to reduce food miles.

Our full range of snacks are all plant-based and gluten free. This gives our snacks a broader appeal as they are suitable for a wide range of diets. We have also found that people who are on a plant-based diet often tend to be a consumer that takes the environment into consideration when making purchasing decisions. Our crisp range gives them access to a product that is not only plant-based but has other attributes such as reducing food waste that this type of consumer is usually interested in.

Growth in Sustainable Behaviours

According to WWF, online searches for sustainable goods has grown by 71% since 2016. This is certainly a trend we are seeing; more people come to our own website based off search terms that would typically be linked to sustainability. These users typically check our consumer website as well for information on where to find our snacks – most likely because they want to shop locally in an independent retailer.

We’re also seeing higher levels of engagement on our social media channels when we specifically talk about the sustainable aspects of our snacks.

The same type of consumer that is typically concerned with sustainability is 47% more likely to shop locally with independent retailers. Being able to then offer a product range that is likely to resonate with this type of consumer – in the case of Nudie Snacks, one that focuses on food waste is another selling point on top of being a local independent retailer. It a fantastic way to demonstrate to consumers that are becoming more concerned about the environment that you’re a business that has the same values they do.

Nudie Snacks was the first company to introduce Cauliflower Crisps into the UK. There is nothing like it on the market! We focus on taste, while all our products are plant-based, we are on a mission to dispel the myth that these foods are bland. This focus on flavour has paid off as we’ve won multiple awards for our range of snacks;

• Great Taste Awards in 2014, 2017 and 2021.

• Cauliflower Crisps Vegan Cheese & caramelised onion flavour won the vegan snacking category at the quality food awards in 2021.

• World Plant Based Awards in 2021 for best savoury snack.

A Trend Consumers are Spending On

With more consumers shifting their buying habits to support more local and sustainable brands we as producers and retailers have to adapt in order to meet this demand.

Businesses that are able to successfully demonstrate that they are sustainable and are able to supply products that allow customers the ability to choose a more sustainable option are well positioned to capitalise on this growing trend. As mentioned previously, as more consumers are taking sustainability into consideration as they shop, business owners need to put themselves in a position to offer the consumer what they want.

Given that some consumers are willing to spend more money for products that are more sustainable and there is a growing demand for these types of products, it’s a trend that business owners need to capitalise on.

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