The Perfect Keto Friendly Snack. Here’s Why…

Interest in the high-fat regime has rocketed amid a flurry of social media activity over the past few years. Now keto may be edging into the mainstream - so what’s the opportunity for retailers ?

Online interest in keto has also skyrocketed in January to three times that of the year before. The keto diet was an emerging trend several years ago but it is more popular than ever. Cheesies are a fast rising snack brand available through Epicurium, that perfectly taps in to the keto opportunity whilst offering a curiously moreish snack. 


So What Are Cheesies Snacks?

Cheesies turn a block of cheese into an outrageously tasty, crunchy snack just by baking it.  Literally made from 100% cheese with nothing else added at all, this means that Cheesies are naturally high in protein, have no carbs and no sugar, and only have around 120 calories per serving.

All the amazingness of cheese, but with no fridge needed, Cheesies are perfect for nibbling al desko, on the go, or paired with your favourite drink. Cheesies offer consumers a snack that is suitable for veggies, diabetics, or those following gluten free or the increasingly popular, keto diet. It’s clear why Cheesies have been flying off the shelf.


The Rise of the Keto Diet

Despite the recent surge in interest, the keto diet is nothing new. Over time, it's evolved to become a weight loss method. The ketogenic diet (or keto diet, for short) is a low carb, high fat diet that offers many health benefits.

A Mintel survey on 2,000 UK adults has uncovered that almost half (48%) of Brits have tried to lose weight in the last year. Plus, it is suggested, that almost two thirds of all Brits are on a diet ‘most of the time’. These trends offer new and exciting opportunities within the UK retail market and have led to the innovative development of diet friendly snacks to keep up with growing demand.   

The ‘Keto-diet’ was first introduced as an effective preventative of epilepsy and now it remains a firm favourite for those who are looking to lose weight. But this low carb, medium protein and high fat diet stretches further beyond just bowls of avocado and poached salmon which may pop up on your Instagram feed. In fact, the keto diet has an enormous following worldwide has been crowned the most popular diet in the US, with the hashtag ‘#keto’ appearing in over 24 million posts. The diversification of keto products in the market suggest that mainstream consumers are increasingly accepting of the keto diet and lifestyle so be sure to make space for this hot trend.


Where Does Cheesies Fit In?

It’s reported that crunchy snacks are the ‘most missed’ food when people are on the keto diet. Cheesies are here to help with delicious snacks in 5 different varieties. We make sure snack time is NEVER boring.

A delicious 100% cheese snack, packaged in 20g bags, and with no fridge required (thank you very much ) Cheesies are perfect for snacking on the move.   

Whether it’s popping them in your bag on the way out, pairing them with your favourite tipple or replacing carb heavy croutons (great on a soup FYI), Cheesies are the perfect snack for a keto focussed consumer not wanting to compromise on flavour in 2022.

But most importantly, Cheesies are for everyone that loves cheese, which we reckon makes most of us. Cheddar, Chilli, Emmental, Gouda, Goat’s Cheese, and Red Leicester 20g packs are available with Epicurium.


What Real Consumers Have Said...

We’ve got a load of reviews from our keto fans who just can’t get enough of Cheesies. See below for some examples:

Jen, Nov 2021

“Wonderful. Gorgeous. Moreish. Delicious. No KETO snack like it! All cheese no additives, colours, carbs, fillers JUST CHEESE! Can’t praise them highly enough. If you love CHEESE you will love CHEESIES! Promise.”

Joanna, Oct 2021

“Love Cheesies. Perfect low-carb snack. I’m on the Keto diet and Cheesies have been a delicious, easy, life-saving way to be able to have a bite to eat in moments of crisis. I can’t do without them these days”

Hilary, Jul, 2021

“Beyond delish! The perfect little snackaroonie to nibble on, whilst enjoying a tipple of your choice, but not falling off the Keto wagon 😋”


Ordering Keto Snacks with Epicurium

As experts in wholesome snacks, the team at Epicurium have curated an range of best in class healthy snacks for retailers – from sure fire hits to some of the freshest new brands on the market. Take a look at some of the new products you could be stocking to capture a greater share of the snacking audience. With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order number and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into freshest healthy keto snacks in no time.

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