The Rise of the Premium Chickpea Snack

“Chickpeas are the new cauliflower” said Whole Foods Market USA in a report on trending foods in 2021.

Why? Easy-peasy. There are two reasons why the chickpea is deemed the prince amongst pulses - taste and nutritional power. These qualities make the chickpea a regal choice compared to its peers and contributes to the chickpea food trends that we see today.Explaining why the chickpea has become a snacking staple and how you can upgrade your snacks for alcohol, here 's guest insight from Gracia Goh, Co-Founder at Cheeky P's.

The Health Benefits of Chickpeas

At a whopping 22g of protein and 23g of fibre per 100g, chickpeas are a wonderful natural source of plant-based protein and dietary fibre. Studies have shown that maintaining a high protein and fibre-rich diet keeps us feeling fuller for longer and can help to aid weight loss which is why snacking on roasted chickpeas is gaining popularity in the health and wellness space. Chickpeas are also low in glycaemic index, low in caloric density and are chockfull of micronutrients like iron and Vitamin B. To top it all off, chickpeas are inherently sustainable, capturing nitrogen from the atmosphere and fertilising the soil they are in!

The popularity of hummus, since these glorious chickpea dips first appeared in mainstream retailers in the 1990s, give chickpeas another advantage. Brits are becoming more familiar with the pulse and are increasingly aware of the health benefits of incorporating chickpeas in daily diets. Analysing data in Google Trends from 2004 to present shows that searches for chickpeas have steadily grown in the past 17 years surpassing all other pulses. Today, the rise of chickpeas continues to accelerate as the booming plant-based meat alternative sector turns to this humble pulse for a neutral-tasting, allergen-free protein source.

Fully HFSS Compliant

It’s no secret that healthy snacking is going mainstream, and consumers are demanding for better-for-you snack options. In the UK, 44% of traditional crisps consumers say chickpea-based snacks appeal to them while 62% of adults are trying to snack healthy all or some of the time and 41% of consumers would choose savoury snacks for a high protein treat (Mintel Group, February 2021).

The FMCG scene is set for its biggest disruption yet with HFSS restrictions coming into force in 2022. The new legislation is expected to shake up the industry and contribute to further growth in the healthy snacking market as it puts a spotlight on healthy snacks to reach consumers through promotions and placement in prime real estate, both in-store or online.


With healthy snacking and chickpea food trends on the rise, Cheeky P’s vegan, gluten-free roasted chickpea snacks are a no-brainer addition to complement your healthy snack offering. Consumers love these light and crispy roasted chickpeas for lunchboxes, healthy nibbles on the go, salad toppings or paired with their favourite craft beer. Choosing Cheeky P’s means consumers get the crunch and taste they crave in a snack but in a much more nutritious way.

With ingredients so good for you and great for the environment, it’s easy to see why chickpeas everywhere is the projection!


Premium Snacks & Alcohol Opportunity

As we've seen, one of the highest growth areas for snacking is the rise in convenient, innovative and, above all, premium snacks which are appearing at a rapid rate and bringing with them a new approach to buying impulse snacks to go with a drink. Far from the agonising three minutes stood in front of the counter weighing up ready salted nuts versus crisps, keen consumers are now turning online to find inspiration and hot trends - being influenced by their international social feeds and savvy product placement to determine their crunchy savoury snack to go with their bottled lager or craft cider.

Value sales of meat-free snacking have seen a dramatic increase. A similar story is true for shoppers who say they expect to pay a premium for healthier snacks - great news for retailers! Hint - think crunchy, cool snack alternatives for that incremental sale...

Often when it comes to snacking with alcohol, the reworked modern version comes in the form of a healthier, more nutritionally-sound variety of an instantly recognisable food like Cheeky P's and the same goes for what Indie Bay has done with the classic pretzel and the baked Cheesies with the humble cheese.


Ordering Cool Crunchy Snacks with Epicurium


Do you feel ready to get in to the market for a snack range which taps in to the premium, healthy and trending ingredient such as chickpeas?  As experts in healthy snacks, the team at Epicurium offer a carefully curated range of the best healthy snacks  for retailers – from sure fire hits to some of the freshest new brands on the market. Independent brands are stealing a march on the more established brand names, driven by authenticity, meeting the hottest trends and an unique brand presence.


Retailers can benefit from this increase in choice of cool brands such as the Cheeky P's, in with the alcohol section or a part of a vegan fixture. Cheeky P's are the perfect range for retailers looking to introduce something new and packed with flavour for snack lovers everywhere.


With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order number and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into the most on trend healthy snack ranges in no time.

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