Why Gut Health and Immunity Boosting Snacks Matter

Rightly so, people are wanting to eat a sensible, balanced diet to maintain a healthy immune system. Digestive health was already earmarked as a top trend for 2021. What was once a category dominated by just fibre is now seeing vitamins prebiotics, probiotic and fermented foods making inroads in the world of snacking.

Immunity has become big business. In the wake of Covid-19, shoppers are no longer taking their body’s natural defences for granted. Knowing what different consumers might want, and understanding why certain ingredients (or lack of) matters to them, can help you make the right decision when choosing new products.

So how can you improve your gut health? Sleep, exercise and diet are all important, and when it comes to diet diversity of natural plant foods, probiotics and prebiotic fibre are key.

But what exactly does does this mean for Independent Retailers? Why does gut health matter to consumers? Providing an opening to this opportunity, here’s expert insight from Ann Perkins, Founder and Director at Perkier.


Understanding the Immunity & Gut Health Opportunity

Over 30% of UK adults are now looking for foods to boost their gut health. Consumers are increasingly aware of the relationship between gut health and our immune system, digestive health and even their mood.  Many of these areas are highly relevant as we navigate through the pandemic and find our wellbeing is challenged in so many ways. 70% of our immune system is in our gut so keeping our gut healthy helps keep our immune system strong.

Over 45% of UK adults are now looking for foods to boost their immune system. The heightened awareness of the importance of having a healthy immune system has never been greater, or more top of mind. Perkier vitamin-packed bars combine the best flavours with outstanding health benefits. 100% of your daily Vitamin C, D & B12 for immune support in a super tasty snack! No other snack gets close!

The gut produces a whopping 90% of our body’s serotine, often known as the ‘happy hormone’. The growing evidence of the gut brain axis and the importance of gut health as a support to mental health is now indisputable. So looking after your gut health can improve your mood.


Why Perkier is the Right Solution

Soon to be made available with Epicurium, Perkier Madagascan Vanilla and Dark Chocolate Active Culture bars provide billions of probiotics and prebiotic fibre for a happy healthy gut, in a tasty, convenient snack. But not all probiotics are equal. Perkier Active Culture bars contain billions of probiotics which are microencapsulated to ensure they reach the gut alive (unlike many of the live cultures in dairy and fermented foods). Our bars also contain prebiotic fibre the food the probiotics love to eat. Think of an all-you-can-eat buffet. But a really tiny one. For good bacteria.

The prebiotic fibre helps the probiotics multiple creating a happy, healthy gut. With 30% of UK adults looking for gut health products, our innovation addresses the key consumer needs.


Taste, the perception of probiotic food and drinks is they don’t taste good; Perkier bars are delicious - Madagascan Vanilla & Dark Chocolate. 82% of consumers agree Perkier bars taste great.


Efficacy. We leverage leading-edge scientific functionality. Perkier Active Cultures are microencapsulated probiotics to ensure they reach the gut alive**, 5g prebiotic fibre, and fortified with Vit B5, B12 and Calcium. Each bar supports digestive health, the immune system and normal mental performance including resistance to stress.


Convenience. With 97% of UK consumers snacking daily it’s an easy swop. A long-life snack, there is no worry of food waste.


Value, at 99p a bar. I myself have suffered from poor gut health for years, so knowing personally the challenges we developed Perkier Active Culture bars to help improve the nations gut health. Suitable for vegans and gluten-free; sustainable snacks: Plant-based, palm oil free and use recyclable packaging


Ordering Gut Health Snacks with Epicurium

Having been in lockdown for so long we’re now seeking the freedom of an open society and want to feel fit and well to enjoy the freedom to the max! As we move to a ‘new normal’ there will be a growing need for foods that provide extra health benefits that support our immune system, digestive system, keeping us feeling perky.

Do you feel ready to get in to the  market for a snack range which taps in to the wellbeing, gut health and health trends?  As experts in healthy snacks, the team at Epicurium offer a carefully curated range of the best healthy snacks  for retailers – from sure fire hits to some of the freshest new brands on the market. Independent brands are stealing a march on the more established brand names, driven by authenticity, meeting the hottest trends and a strong online brand presence.

Retailers can benefit from this by including healthy snacking, such as the Perkier bars, in with meal deals. Perkier is the perfect range for retailers looking to introduce a probiotic and wellness snack.

With a quick turnaround of 24-48 hours, no minimum order number and free delivery on any order over £80, our team here at Epicurium can have you tapping into the most on trend healthy snack ranges in no time.

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