5 Great Health-Related Tips to Win More Convenience Customers

Over the past few years, we have seen the healthier snacking category move from a category that only a few upmarket retailers gave any real shelf space to a must-have category that every retailer needs to create space for. We’re often told that selecting nutritious and wholesome snacks can help improve our wellbeing – but could healthier snacking options be beneficial to your profit margins too? 

Recognise the modern consumer’s ‘nuanced’ understanding of health

For a long time, many people associated being healthy with calorie counting, reducing sugars, or following specific elimination diets, However, today there is a more nuanced understanding of health, particularly from a nutritional and functional perspective. We are beginning to connect the dots that what we put in our bodies has a powerful effect on how we feel, both physically and mentally.

Even more so in recent times with healthy snacks becoming a staple for many peoples as part of everyday living, retailers should bring products with natural health benefits to the fore.

Keep taste at the centre of your decision making

Supplements and niche ingredients might not appeal to your customers and that's okay! As an independent retail shop, taste and honesty are what your customers expect, so prioritise products that taste fantastic and have a great shelf appeal.

After meeting these requirements, you can branch out to innovative, functional benefits, targeting high protein with Tribe Triple Decker bars or other relaxation health claims in brands like Peak. Stay core to your values on taste, but make sure to put on shelf interesting food and drinks that tick some of the key functional and health benefits people can relate to.

Avoid specific health food sections

If health food is not your speciality in store, we suggest you’ll be better off mixing health-centred products around the store, rather than in a specific ‘health food’ aisle or shelf that can be easily missed. Just a few years ago having a 'health' focus was seen as food trend; now health messaging is everywhere so you should signpost healthy credentials in your drinks fridge and point of sale too.

And if there are specific wellness benefits you know your customers are looking for, like products that promote relaxation, dairy free alternatives or gut health health ingredients like kombucha, try highlighting these product benefits on the shelf.

Make space on your shelves for the biggest trends

Epicurium specialises in delivering those brands which tap into the biggest trends.

Look out for headline-grabbing, superfood ingredients too, like sorghum and quinoa. With significant demand for convenience, think convenient grab-and-go formats and healthy snacking innovations from brands just like Boundless and Tweek.

While you can leave the niche products to the specialist health food stores, read up about the sectors biggest health trends, like plant based, gut health, keto and immune-boosters.

customers want products that are good for them and the planet

Consumers are beginning to link healthy eating with their desire to choose products that are healthier for the planet, and the intersection of sustainability and health is area that independent retailers can make their own. Sustainability may not have been top of shoppers' minds recently but in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic we’ll see a strong focus on plastic reduction and cleaning up the planet after a difficult year. Foods that are good for you tend to be good for the planet.

Your range needs to reflect shoppers' concern for plastic reduction, climate change, deforestation and food waste. The health halo effect of vegan or vegetarian diets tend to be healthier with a vastly reduced environmental footprint. Make the most of this eco-health intersection by stocking products that balance sustainable stories with healthy outcomes like plastic free, oat based vegan chocolate brand HiP.

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