7 Delicious Trending Snacks to Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out

With the highly competitive nature of coffee shops, coffee shop owners are constantly looking for ways to help them stand out from the competition. Window displays, customer service, interior decor, offers… They all help to make a good impression on customers and set your local business apart from the rest. However, another guaranteed way to stand out is by offering a variety of delicious and healthy trending snacks for customers to choose from when getting their caffeine fix. Because everyone knows you can’t beat a good cup of coffee accompanied by a sweet treat, right?

Why Trending Snacks Are Important For Your Coffee Shop?

With more emphasis than ever being placed on snacks and food, coffee shops are under increasing pressure to select quality products for customers to enjoy in their shop or grab n go. Stocking up with a range of healthy and popular snacking delights will ensure your customers are left wanting to come back again, and again. 

Selecting healthy but delicious snacks is guaranteed to enhance customer experience, and by regularly bringing new trending snacks in, you’ll be able to attract new customers and keep your loyal customers returning day to day. Popping your yummy selection of snacks in your display units, along with any freshly baked goods, or by the till will encourage customers to make impulse snacking purchases on their daily visit.

What consumers expect from their coffee shop

Consumers continue to become more and more demanding with their expectations when they go to a coffee shop. The trend toward healthy living has created an ever-increasing surge of people looking for healthy snacks.

Healthy food alternatives are set to remain one of the top trends to dominate the hospitality market, and it doesn’t look like competition will die down any time soon. There are a reported 7,427 Cafes & Coffee Shops businesses in the UK as of 2022, an increase of 0.5% from 2021. In order to keep up with the expanding industry, and stand out from the competition, it’s essential to keep up with consumers’ new values and dietary trends in order to keep them coming back. 

One of the biggest challenges to coffee shop owners is the need to stay up to date with consumers’ needs, wants and preferences. Stocking up on a variety of snacks that are healthy, whilst not compromising on taste, allows you to appeal to a wide base of customers, providing them with the convenience of grab-n-go snacks that suit all their cravings. 

Trending Snacks That Will Help Your Coffee Shop To Stand Out

The team at Epicurium have handpicked some of our popular snacks that will help your coffee shop to stand out from competitors.

Flower & White – Vegan Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Meringue Bar

7 Delicious Trending Snacks to Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out - EP FLO V 001 1

These vegan chocolate-dipped strawberry meringue bars from Flower & White will be a guaranteed hit with your customers. 100% dairy free and made from unique egg-free meringue, these low-calorie bars contain only 84 calories per serving.

Gato – Almond Butter Raspberry Cookies

7 Delicious Trending Snacks to Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out - EP GAT C 001 1

Vegan, gluten-free and dairy free, and containing 4g of plant protein, these little melt-in-the-mouth delights from Gato make the perfect addition to any coffee shop snack selection.

Lexi’s Crispy Marshmallow Bar – Triple Choc Delight

Trending Snacks Brand-Lexis Crispy Marshmallow Bar

A chocolate treat is a mmm-must in any coffee shop and will become a solid favourite. Who doesn’t love triple choc delight from Lexi’s… especially when it’s guilt-free at only 99 calories per bar! 

Mallow & Marsh – Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Bar

Trending Snacks Brand - Mallow & Marsh Marshmallow Bar

These light and melt-in-the-mouth raspberry and dark chocolate marshmallow bars from Mallow & Marsh are only 132 calories per bar. 

Moma – Cranberry & Raisin Porridge Pot 

Trending Snacks Brand - Moma Cranberry and Raisin Porridge Pot

Made with whole cranberries and raisins and gluten-free jumbo oats, this porridge from Moma packs a fruity punch to start your day. 

Rhythm 108 – Creamy Coconut Bar

Trending Snacks Brand - Moma Cranberry and Raisin Porridge Pot

This Rhythm 108 vegan swiss chocolate bar with a creamy coconut centre is a coconutty delight, and will be a great addition to any snacking selection.

Traybakes – Milk Chocolate Caramel Shortcake

7 Delicious Trending Snacks to Make Your Coffee Shop Stand Out - EP TRB I 002 1

The perfect pairing with any cuppa of choice, the Traybakes milk chocolate caramel shortcake is a must for your coffee shop.

Learn More About What We Offer at Epicurium

As experts in wholesome snacks, the team at Epicurium have curated an range of best in class healthy snacks designed to help you grow your business - click here to request an account

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