Everything You Need to Know About Bank Holiday Snacking This Spring

Top Retailer Tips For Bank Holiday Snacking

With a bumper five days of bank holidays in the UK this spring, many consumers will be looking to make the most of it, spending time with family and throwing a party or three. But when it comes to catering, how can we help them turn it from meh to memorable? Here are Epicurium’s top tips for snacking this bank holiday weekend.

Make It a Talking Point

First and foremost, you want to offer customers a range of snacks that will spark conversation. We are talking new brands that are doing something different. Those that are pushing the boundaries of snacking through new ingredients as well as those who champion worthwhile causes. Nothing brings a kitchen disco together like a chat about food. One notable mention is Emily’s Crisps who not only make great crisps, but they are also carbon neutral and are part of the Women’s Earth Alliance.

Event Worthy Share-Size

Now this one is going to seem obvious, but we cannot stress this enough, it is share-size all the way! Gatherings, catch-ups, parties, it’s all about the social aspect and nothing kills this more than an individual bag of ready-salted crisps out of a multi-pack. Don’t get us wrong, there is a time and place for these, but a bank holiday social is not it! Stack your shelves with best-sellers such as Boundless Chipotle and Lime Activated Chips for the perfect share-size bag.

Consider Dietary Requirements

Brands are now offering great alternatives for those with additional dietary requirements. Outside of specific allergies, many customers are choosing alternatives as part of a health regime or for ethical reasons and so it is likely that hosts are looking to drop in a couple of options for guests. Trek do a great range of different flavours across its gluten-free offering, while Abakus cater for those following a vegan diet, and Peak provide a different alternative to those seeking alcohol-free beverages.

Add In Some Healthy Alternatives

More and more there are people looking for those healthier indulgences; snacks that offer lower salt, reduced sugar, and fewer calories per bar. With the correct signposting in store, help consumers to make the swap from a classic share-bag of chocolate buttons without compromising on flavour. See Doisy and Dam’s Chocolate  for this. It offers shoppers a velvety dark hit made with natural ingredients.

It’s All About The Flavour

Let’s be honest, there is nothing less inspiring than rocking up to a buffet filled to the brim with boring old crisps in boring old flavours. Move over salt and vinegar, there are new flavours in town. Present customers with more exotic international flavours, such as Manchego and green olive from Manomasa, lentils with chilli and lemon from Eat Real, chipotle at Emily Crisps and wasabi from Itsu, all sure to get customers coming back to buy them time and again.

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