5 Top On-The-Go Nutrition Trends to Consider Today

On-The-Go Nutrition Trends to Consider Today

In 2022 the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) estimated that the food-to-go market was worth in the region of £18 billion. As part of the latest ‘Food To Go Market Report’ from Lumina, there are indications that this is expected to grow by 4.1% in 2023 to just over £22 billion. With increasingly busy lives, flexible working patterns, and generational shifts in food consumption, the on-the-go nutrition trends continue to gather pace in the industry. We are seeing consumers, particularly the Gen Z generation, move away from the traditional three meals per day in favour of smaller snack options throughout the day. This combined with increased social activities, the pursuit of hobbies, and longer working hours for some, has created the necessity to be able to pick up food and beverages that can be consumed between meetings, on the way to the gym, or sat on the train.

Complete Meals

Convenience is paramount when nailing the on-the-go snacking range, and nowhere is this more visible than with complete meal options. Brands like Huel reign over this segment, offering customers a meal alternative in one handy bottle. They offer nutritionally complete food with slow-release carbs and essential vitamins and minerals. For something more exotic, Itsu produces protein-packed noodles with 20g of protein, and they are suitable for Vegan diets. The epitome of on-the-go nutrition.

Added Benefits

For 2023, Mintel predicts that consumers will seek out products that help with mental performance. The suggestion is that they will look for drinks and snacks that tap into a sense of well-being and promote enhanced focus and productivity. Drinks that include Nootropics and botanicals tailored to support mood and clarity, such as Peak, are set to rise in popularity.

Brand Value

While timesaving plays a big part in a consumer’s choice for on-the-go nutrition, the value of a brand is also important. Consumers are looking for brands and products that align with their values and beliefs and those that are championing equality, diversity, and sustainability within their business. Flower&White work to produce plastic-free packaging across its range of baked meringue bars, meaning not only do they provide divine indulgent bars of deliciousness, but they also look to limit their impact on the planet.

Dietary Considerations

Whether it be for medical reasons or to hit wider fitness goals, more and more customers are interested in products that cater to those with additional dietary considerations. At Epicurium retailers are telling us that this is a massive area of growth for them and with so many new brands entering the market, snackers don’t need to accept dry, dusty, tasteless products, they will look elsewhere.

Healthy Alternatives

More widely across the snacking industry, healthy benefits and natural ingredients continue to be at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. Nutritional support with low-salt and reduced-sugar options is increasingly popular. Where consumers can make conscious snacking choices and factor in healthier alternatives, they will. For market-leading brands, DashCheesies, and Grenade offer HFSS-compliant options for great on-the-go alternatives.


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