Capturing the Plant-Based Snack Trend:10 New Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Shop

As consumers continue to reduce their meat intake, it’s important to ensure that your store can keep up with the increasing demand for healthy plant-based snacks. This increase in vegetarian and vegan consumers, and their attraction to healthier snacking options, means that shop owners need to ensure they’re staying ahead of competitors by stocking up on a variety of healthy wholesale vegetarian snacks in their stores.

The movement away from meat and dairy products

The Gen Z and Millennial generations are moving towards a plant-based diet quicker than any other generation, and are quickly becoming the largest shopper group in this area. Heavily conscious of their own health and their impact on the environment, they are expected to be almost entirely responsible for the growth of dairy and meat alternatives through 2024. These consumers expect shops to cater for their needs and preferences, making it essential for shop owners to provide a variety of tasty but healthy vegetarian and vegan snacking options in the shops.

With there being a whopping 47,079 convenience stores in the UK at the beginning of 2022, the importance of adapting and keeping up with the latest dieting trends has only continued to grow. 

What healthy plant-based snacks to buy wholesale for your store? 

When it comes to selecting which wholesale vegetarian snacks to buy for your store, it can be hard to know which delicious and nutritious snacks to choose. From nutrient-dense nut bars to crunchy and light hummus crisps, Epicurium can provide all the popular healthy vegan-friendly snacks in bulk to keep your consumers happy and ensure they have access to the best selection of vegetarian snacks.

We’ve pulled together some of our most popular wholesale vegetarian snacks to help you pick which ones will be best for your store.

LoveRaw Vegan Cream-Filled Wafer

Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks image 1 - Love Raw Vegan Chocolate wafer White chocolate flavour

These sweet and delicious vegan cream-filled wafers are a great snack when you need to satisfy those sweet cravings. All coated in LoveRaw’s iconic milk chocolate

3 reasons why it will sell:

  • The world’s first vegan chocolate cream-filled wafer
  • Crispy wafer, with just the right amount of crunch, smothered in a rich layer of indulgent vegan chocolate
  • Palm oil free, refined sugar-free and made with Organic Fairtrade chocolate

Properchips BBQ Lentil Chips

Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks - Proper Chips Barbecue flavoured low calorie lentil chips

Crunchy and flavourful, these lentil chips are a vegetarian snacking must.

3 reasons why it will sell:

  • Properchips are the number 1 healthy snacking brand in the UK selling over a unit a second
  • 30% less fat than regular crisps
  • Vegan and gluten-free

Caroboo  – Smooth & Creamy Orange 

Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks - Caroboo smooth and creamy orange flavoured chocolate replacement

It would be an opportunity missed not to stock up on Caraboo Creamy orange bars. Like chocolate, but not chocolate, but made with carob pods, creamed coconut and all of the good stuff nature has to offer!

3 reasons why it will sell: 

  • Crammed full of carob and creamed coconut
  • No refined sugars and dairy free
  • Home compostable packaging

Barebells Vegan Protein Bar Salty Peanut

Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks - Barebells salty peanut bar , protein bar in a retro looking orange wrapper

These salty peanut protein bars from Barebells are perfect to keep people going throughout the day.

3 Reasons why it will sell: 

  • Great profit returns from a proven category
  • High protein snack bar which is low in sugar
  • Lactose-free and no added sugar

Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate D&D’s

Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks - Doisy and Dams Vegan Chocolate  in a bright pink pack with a pattern of various different brightly coloured shapes

These chocolatey delights from Doisy & Dam are irresistibly good – think of them as a plant-based version of M&M’s 

3 reasons why it will sell:

  • Vegan and gluten-free, appealing to more shoppers
  • Great tasting chocolate in attention-grabbing packs
  • Only ever ethically sourced – from bean to pack

Eat Real Hummus Sour Cream and Chive Chips

Capturing the Plant-Based Snack Trend:10 New Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Shop - EP EAT S 001 1

Eat Real hummus chips are a definite people pleaser. 

3 reasons why it will sell:

  • Ideal for healthy appetite & taste for adventure
  • On-trend recipes with only natural ingredients
  • Free from 14 declarable allergens

Misfits Vegan Protein Bar – Chocolate Hazelnut

Capturing the Plant-Based Snack Trend:10 New Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Shop - EP MIS B 006 1

An ultra-chocolatey snack with a hazelnut flavour accompanied by a gooey caramel layer from Misfits! 

3 reasons why it will sell: 

  • One of the best-selling vegan protein bars on the market
  • Delicious taste
  • Wide appealing branding to attract more shoppers

Love Corn BBQ Impulse Bags

Capturing the Plant-Based Snack Trend:10 New Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Shop - EP LCN I 002 1

These crunchy and tasty premium corn snacks from Love Corn are a must-have when it comes to buying your healthy vegetarian snacks in bulk.

3 reasons why it will sell: 

  • Great with a vegan craft beer
  • High in fibre, low sugar, gluten-free
  • An inclusive crunchy snack which is a great alternative to nuts

Indie Bay Pretzel Bites Spelt & Rock Salt

Capturing the Plant-Based Snack Trend:10 New Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Shop - EP IND I 002 1

Who doesn’t love pretzel bites? These Indie Bay pretzels have to be one of the best!

3 reasons why it will sell:

  • Great source of natural fibre and protein
  • A healthy twist on a loved crunchy snack
  • Sweet and savoury options increase the appeal

Candy Kittens ‘Loves’  

Capturing the Plant-Based Snack Trend:10 New Wholesale Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Shop - EP KIT S 032 1

These sweets are popular for a reason – and they’ve just got even better with this limited edition mixed flavour from Candy Kittens. 

3 reasons why it will sell:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Palm oil free
  • Carbon neutral brand appealing to socially conscious shoppers

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