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Our mission is to be the UK’s favourite source of innovative, on-trend, snacking products.


Delivering premium snacks for healthier lifestyles that will differentiate your snacking fixtures. Over 900 lines from 160 high-growth and exciting new brands to add incremental profits and attract a more loyal, higher spending customer.


Our purpose is to give our customers the opportunity to satisfy the demands of the many different consumers they serve. What these consumers want, however, is constantly changing and evolving as trends develop, grow and fade. We want our customers to be able to rely on us to offer them some of the best products to make the most of hot trends they hear their customers talking about and sharing on social media. To serve a range of different consumer groups and eating occasions, it’s important to have a strong range of products that engage with the latest trends. New trends are emerging and evolving all the time and in order for our customers to keep up we need to provide them with the products to do it.


We provide innovative and on trend snacking options to over 2,500 independent retailers, cafes, forecourt convenience, offices and other vendors across the UK from our North East-based distribution hub. Our range now includes over 700 products from 130 brands available for national distribution. Supporting retailer needs with dedicated key account and regional sales managers, alongside expert telesales operation, we've have built a strong reputation on long term trusted relationships with their customers. Let us help you stay on top of the latest trends.


We search for ranges that are done properly; those better-for-you snacks made with honest ingredients; with all the right branding and drive, who are often first to market and come with believable social credentials. These are the brands which offer a real point of difference. By working closely with a carefully curated range of brands, we can ensure we match the best products to the right customers, whilst building up smaller start-up producers to become challenger brands.


Whether your customers are clamouring for the next big thing or you’re looking to new ventures online and want a cool and diverse product offering, we have sourced what we believe to be the very best from the UK snack and drink scene. We're really excited in the UK to arguably have some of the best food start-ups, bringing out some great brands that can hold their own against the best Europe and the US has to offer.


Working with these fantastic entrepreneurial brands is exciting, inspiring and for you, our customers, very rewarding. We regularly introduce exciting new brands, many of which are start-ups, and each tap in to and building on some of this years hottest trends, whilst adding opportunity for incremental value to their respective category. Finding what's new and different can be tough in a competitive marketplace. We know to keep consumers and colleagues satisfied and coming back can be a challenge. That's why we've done the hard work finding arguably some of the very best and innovative snacks and drinks....